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The 5 Most Important Things About People Values

1.  Award Winning Processes

Since 2000, the People Values' 7-Step Job Matching Process has been receiving praise by respected groups like CNN Money, the INC. 500 and SHRM. In 2005, we started receiving international exposure when we were invited to present this process to the 1,000+ counselors at the International Convention of Small Business Development Centers.


2.  Business Built on Referrals

96% of People Values' Clients are referred to us by Industry Advisers, Business Coaches and Consultants throughout the world. Unfortunately, we don't get too many client referrals though... most of our clients do not want their competitors (or anyone) to know about Job Matching and their secret to success.


3.  Over 37 Industries & 2,000 Positions

Since our systems are customizable (& duplicatable), they have been used to Job Match & develop employees in 37 industries & over 2,000 positions. Our process has helped clients hire TOP Performers in positions from CEO, to HR Manager, to Sales, to Chef, to Welder, to Bus Driver, to Janitor, to Receptionist, to Flight Attendant, to Accountant, to Doctor, to...


4.  Partnered with Clients to Recruit, Hire & Develop over 20,000 Employees

Since our videos, Job Matching Process & TOP Performance System are all web-based, we now have clients throughout North America as well as Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Korea, Barbados, India as well as many other countries. Our process has been used in making the decision to hire (or not) over 20,000 employees so far.


5.  But We Can't Help Everyone...

Since the process that People Values' provides their clients were built on the Recruiting, Hiring and Retention systems of most of the Fortune 500, they work great for large business but were actually customized for small business. But these strategies are only for the most driven business owners and managers ready to take their business (& lives) to the next level of success.


Grant D. Robinson

President of People Values &
Author of the TOP Performance System

Grant Robinson founded People Values in 2000 with the vision to Provide the Best Tools Available (Anywhere in the World) to Hire & Develop Your Most Reliable, Motivated & Productive Staff Ever!

Since then, People Values has worked very hard to become a leader in the HR Management Consulting field.  Our 7-Step “Job Matching Process” is used by small and large businesses throughout the world to Recruit, Hire, Train, Develop & Retain TOP Performers in every position.

Grant’s articles have been featured in magazines and business journals like:  Sales & Service Excellence, Supply House Times and over 30 business journals.  He has also been an expert source and quoted in articles in CNN Money and Fortune Magazine.

Every month, Grant’s “TOP Performance Monthly” E-Newsletter is delivered to over 10,000 subscribers. To receive Grant’s monthly tips full of strategies to Achieve TOP Performance from Your Staff, Your Business & Your Life…

The 5 Most Important Things You Should Know About Grant D. Robinson:

1.  Published Author

Since 2000, Grant's articles on strategies to hire & develop a TOP Performing Staff have been published in over 200 magazines, business journals and blogs. He is also the author of the 5 course "TOP Performance System" used to Recruit, Hire, Train, Develop & Retain your most reliable, motivated and productive staff ever.


2.  Accomplished Presenter

Since 2000, Grant has educated & entertained (with his dry humor) over 10,000 business owners, managers and consultants as he teaches the successful personnel strategies of TOP Performing Organizations.


3.  Somewhat Educated

Yes, Grant does have a Bachelor of Science in Speech/Communication and a Minor in Journalism from Oregon State University, but admits he is far from a scholar. His main education has come not from the classroom, but from building a business for the past 20+ years while helping thousands of motivated business leaders build their businesses.


4.  Somewhat Accomplished Athlete

Although Grant played baseball throughout college, he is now satisfied being a rec league athlete. He plays competitive softball all spring and summer, coaches little league (& the All Star Team) and is an avid golfer. After 22 years of golf, he shot his first hole-in-one in the summer of 2007. The hole-in-one and the one home run he hit his sophomore summer in college were two of the most exciting moments of his life (along with getting married and the birth of his son of course).


5.  Family Life

Grant was born and raised in Seattle but has traveled to 45 of the US States for business and lived in South Korea for two years. He lives in Seattle with his wife of 25+ years and their 15-year-old son.

Feedback From Live Presentations by Grant: 

"The success of our seminar series lies solely with people like you Grant, who volunteer time out of our busy schedule to share your knowledge and expertise with our local businesses. The Feedback we received was wonderful. Participants responded that the information was good, well presented and eye-opening. They appreciated your passion for the subject."

Mike Morrisette, President / CEO,
Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce

"I wanted to give you our sincere thanks for coming and sharing your knowledge and experience with us. Everyone really enjoyed your presentation and many students commented on the breadth and depth of your knowledge of employee management issues."

Hannah Cavendish-Palmer, Teaching Assistant, Washington State University

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