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The following is a list of some of the more popular articles from the “TOP Performance Monthly” newsletter published by People Values.  For the past 17+ years, Grant D. Robinson has provided his subscribers a monthly article and other TOP Performance Tips.   To get your FREE Subscription to the newsletter full of strategies to find, hire and develop your most productive staff ever…  Subscribe Here!  

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Team?

Written February 3, 2020

I’m sure you wrote up some New Year’s Resolutions a month back – right?  No… well, me neither.  I should but know from experience, whether it’s a resolution for my health, business, to play more golf or anything else, I’d probably break it within a couple weeks. Written (or just thought about) resolutions or not, I’m sure you have a goal in 2020 to improve the productivity of your business. Here’s the quickest and easiest way to do…   Read More

Become a More Effective Leader Today

Written December 19, 2019

As you know being a TOP Performance Monthly Subscriber, for almost 20-years we’ve been partnering with small business owners to help them hire their most productive team ever. We do this through a 7-step process I created called the “Job Matching System.”   Since Everybody Else is Offering One… Here’s Our End of Year Special Offer: If you have a goal of a more productive (& profitable) staff in 2020, you’ll be interested in this special offer…  Read More

FREE Recruiting Book – You Need This (& can get it today)

Written October 18, 2019

To Get Your Copy of this Book for FREE Today, read this month’s article below… or just click the image below... As you know, for almost 20-years now, we’ve been providing the fastest growing, most productive small business owners our Job Matching System… It’s a system that helps them: – Hire & develop their most productive team ever – Stop spending their days micro-managing employees who lack the thinking…  Read More

Your System to Recruit, Hire, Train, Develop & Retain a TOP Performing Team

Written September 17, 2019

It’s been almost 2 decades since I quit my last job and started People Values. I admit, I wasn’t very tolerant and at 27-years-old was already tired of going from company to company being surrounded by poor performers for my employers kept hiring the wrong people. Through People Values, my goal then is the same now:  To offer the best system to hire a TOP…  Read More

The Cost of Micro-Managing Your Poor Performers

Written July 1, 2019

 If you have any team members that you or your managers have to constantly micromanage, they are costing you money. So how much? Well, it’s probably much more than you think…  but that’s not as important as to what you are going to do about it. Not what you’ve done about it, because if they are still on your payroll and underperforming, you haven’t done much. Have you? You are still handing over leads that they are not converting,…  Read More

The 6 Reasons 84% of Employees Can’t (or Won’t) Do the Job You’ve Hired Them to do

Written April 16, 2019

Studies have shown that 84% of new hires will “disappoint” their employers in the first year on the job. That’s six out of seven employees. When you consider that the Department of Labor estimates the minimum cost of a “mis-hire” is $11,713, the wrong people are surely the greatest liability to your productivity, profitability and continued success. And that figure of $11K only tells half of the story. When you factor in the personnel issues that stem…  Read More

Most Recent Blog Articles:

5 1/2 Reasons Salespeople Struggle in Their Position

Written February 13, 2019

Over 19 years of partnering with small business owners has helped me understand why they deal with the 80/20 dilemma… where 80% of your productivity comes from just 20% of your team. There are some positions this problem is more prevalent in.  Sales is one of them and many times it’s more like 90/10 or even worse. When business owners and department managers come to us, they’re usually referred because of employee…  Read More

Did You Say These Things About Your Employees in 2018?

Written January 9, 2019

I hope your year has started out well.  And just as important, I hope 2018 finished well and you were able to accomplish all of your professional and personal goals. If not, what held you and your business back? Was it production problems?  Customer service or sales problems?  Management problems?  Whatever the problems were, they always lead to profitability problems. I hope you’ve determined what it was so you can…  Read More

Stop Paying Your Employees to do This…

Written December 10, 2018 

As the end of year approaches, it’s a good time to do a review of your goals for 2018. Of course, since you need some sort of a guideline to measure how you’re doing… If you didn’t set any personal or professional goals for your business or yourself in 2018, you should consider doing this now for 2019.   So How Have You Done? Did you accomplish all that you hoped in 2018?  If you didn’t, you’re not alone….  Read More

Why Salespeople Struggle to Produce (the #1 Reason)

Written November 13, 2018

A recent study showed that about 50% of the people in sales struggle because they probably shouldn’t be in sales in the first place. That’s a harsh reality… but also a main reason for the 80 / 20 Dilemma (where 80% -or more- of your sales come from just 20% -or less- of your sales team).   So Why So Many People Should Not Be in Sales: Sales positions are unique for they require skills that not all jobs require…  Read More

Who is Holding Your Business Back?

Written October 8, 2018

This month, rather than focusing on “what” is holding your business back, you’re going to discover “who” is holding your business back. As a subscriber of the TOP Performance Monthly, you already know what is holding your business back. We discuss it almost every month.   Even Though… Here’s Another Reminder of What is Holding Your Business Back: Contrary to what you read in business journals and what the media tells us…  Read More

Before You Hire (or Employ Anyone) – Do This!

Written September 17, 2018

For the past 18 years, we’ve been helping Small Business Owners and Managers hire (& develop) their most productive staff ever. We do this through our 7-Step Job Matching Process.  Since 2000, we’ve been involved in the recruitment &/or selection of over 20,000 people. Of course, 98% of these people were not hired for it was determined that they didn’t “fit” the job. Though our process, our clients can actually see if a candidate…  Read More

Want Psychic Powers to Hire the Right People?

Written August 22, 2018 

How great would it be if you had “psychic powers” to help you hire the right people for your business? Powers to make sure that your new hires were actually going to be reliable, motivated and productive before hiring them.  Not only right after training… but also years from now. Just think of all the things you’d no longer have to do: spend your time and energy training new employees give ultimatums when employees can’t be…  Read More

3 ½ Secrets to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals (article 4 of 4)

Written March 8, 2018

The Final ½ a Secret (of 3 ½) to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals I hope you’ve read the past three articles and if so, here is a review of what you’ve learned: Article 1 – Why you continue to recruit and hire poor performers even after all the things you have implemented into your selection process. Article 2 – The #1 “talent” of the most productive individuals, teams & organizations… the talent of developing…  Read More

3 ½ Secrets to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals (article 3 of 4)

Written January 2, 2018

The 3rd Secret (of 3 ½) to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals In the first two articles of this series, you learned: Secret 1 – Why everything you’ve been doing to hire the right people for your business is still only giving you a less than 50% chance of hiring TOP Performers. Secret 2 – Without clear written goals and objectives for every position in your company, your employees will fail to accomplish…  Read More

3 ½ Secrets to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals (article 2 of 4)

Written November 9, 2017

In the article last month, you learned why everything you’ve been doing to hire the right people for your business is still only giving you a less than 50% chance of hiring TOP Performers.  Even after all the things you’ve implemented into your hiring process… Now, I’m going to tell you why most organizations don’t even get TOP Performance out of their employees when they hire the right people.   Why Even TOP Performers Will be…  Read More

3 ½ Secrets to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals (article 1 of 4)

Written October 2, 2017

 If you haven’t realized it yet… the year is more than half over.  So, have you accomplished half of your personal and business goals yet? If not, you’re lucky to be a subscriber to this newsletter.  For the next three weeks, you’ll get this 4-part series of articles full of strategies to help you recruit, hire and improve the performance of your team and business.   Here is what you’ll learn over the next few weeks:…  Read More

Why Your Business is NOT Reaching it’s Full Potential

Written April 18, 2017

Even if you have the most expensive software, the right location, the best marketing in your industry and a professionally developed vision and mission, the wrong people will cause slow business growth. They’ll also cause unfulfilled potential...  Read More

First Step to Shattering Productivity (& Profitability) Records in 2017

Written January 4, 2017

Perhaps you haven’t set any goals for the upcoming year.  Many business leaders don’t. A main reason for this is:  Most of their goals in the past have not been accomplished.  So why go through the effort of setting new ones (that probably won’t be accomplished either)?...  Read More

The 4 Ways Leadership Development Will Help Your Business Accomplish Goals in 2017

Written September 12, 2016

Are people born leaders or are they made? I’ve been asked that question countless times in the past 15 years of running People Values. Having worked with thousands of business owners and leaders, I have an answer for you… “I don’t know and why does it really matter?”...  Read More

3 Reasons Businesses Struggle to Grow

Written June 21, 2016

Over the past 14 years, we’ve worked with the owners and managers of thousands of small businesses to help them grow. Before partnering with us, every one of these leaders realized they had far greater productivity and revenue potential… but something was holding back their...  Read More

How To Hire Only TOP Performers… the 1st time

Written February 22, 2016

Since 2000, we’ve helped thousands of business owners and managers discover the Secret to meeting productivity, sales and revenue goals. As a “TOP Performance Monthly” subscriber, you know what the Secret is: TOP Performers in every position of your company. TOP Performers, or individuals who not only meet but exceed your productivity and profitability expectations, are the ingredient that will insure your business growth. They…  Read More

The 5 Hiring Best Practices For Every Growing Business

Written October 15, 2015

You probably don’t need a reminder, but it’s already the 4th quarter of 2015. The year is more than 75 percent up. So have you accomplished 75 percent of your important productivity, sales and revenue goals? If you have, congratulations. If not, what are you doing to make this your best year ever? Whether you still have the motivation to meet your potential this year or you’ve given up and are waiting until 2016 to take the…  Read More

Mediocre Employees Don’t Build Great Companies

Written July 26, 2015

“Greatness” is a goal of every driven leader. Though greatness can be defined many different ways. Here are some examples: Becoming your market’s most respected business or organization Double (or triple) productivity from one year to the next Touch and improve the lives of more clients than your counterparts Dominate the marketplace to the point that competitors are forced to close their businesses Whatever your vision of…  Read More

How to Improve Your Staff Productivity… Today

Written March 11, 2015

Improving employee performance has been ranked the #1 business issue for the past 10 plus years now. If you are like most driven business leaders, you’ve tried just about everything to improve your staff productivity. Unfortunately, the majority of the techniques struggling businesses have tried have been unsuccessful in improving their productivity. These techniques have also been very time consuming, energy draining and expensive. Some…  Read More

How Much of Your Revenue is Being Wasted on the Salaries of Non-Producers

Written November 15, 2014

If you have any non-producers on your payroll right now, they are costing you money. So how much? Well, it’s probably much more than you think… but that’s not as important as what you are going to do about it. Not what you’ve done about it, because if they are still on your payroll and underperforming, you haven’t done much. Have you? You are still handing over leads that they are not converting, providing accounts for them to service…  Read More

The Secret to Hiring Productive People

Written August 25, 2014

Every market leader has a secret to their success.  And it’s usually a secret they don’t want their competitors to know. The ingredients of most market leading companies is a combination of effective marketing and sales, financial, organizational and production systems.  But their secret ingredient is always:  The right people, in the right jobs. This is also the ingredient that struggling companies admit to lacking.   So Why are Some Companies…  Read More

The #1 Thing You Must Concentrate on to Make 2014 Your Most Successful Year Ever

Written January 13, 2014

Market leaders create, modify and follow systems. Typically, the more thorough a system is, the more successful the organization will be. Market leaders do not leave anything to chance. There is a standard operating procedure for everything they do and every decision made. If a procedure has not been built, they build it. It is put in writing to insure…  Read More

Step 3 to Your Most Productive Staff Ever

Written October 21, 2013

In the last two months, you’ve learned the first two steps to your most productive staff ever. As a recap, they are:   Step #1 – Set performance standards for every position in your company and put them in writing. Then share these documents with your employees to eliminate the uncertainty of exactly what is expected from them daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.   Step #2 – Perform timely evaluations for every employee…  Read More

Step 2 to Your Most Productive Staff Ever

Written September 25, 2013

Last month, you discovered the first step to get your employees to do the job you are paying them to do… The step was: Define success in every position in your company by writing down at least five goals an employee must accomplish to become and remain productive. So, have you done this yet? Does every one of your employees, in every position, know exactly what is required of them daily, weekly, monthly or yearly? If not,…  Read More

Step 1 to Your Most Productive Staff Ever

Written August 12, 2013

Do you ever wish your employees would just do the job you are paying them to do? Well, you’re not alone. In the survey at our website, 93% of business leaders say the “wrong” people are holding them back. So, is this why we hire people – to hold our businesses back?   What Would a More Productive Staff Mean for Your Business? You have goals for your business that you have not been able to reach. So why…  Read More

3 ½ Reasons Your Employees Stink

Written April 11, 2013

So first off, when I say stink, I don’t necessarily mean they smell bad.  Some may, but this is not the kind of stink I’m referring to. This is the stink as in unproductive.  And it might be worse than the smelly stink.  Because a shower, better laundry soap, stronger toothpaste, etc. can mask a smell. But the stink of not producing for the company, since this is what you hired them for, is much more costly because when…  Read More

How Your Employees Rob Your Revenues

Written December 21, 2012

Can you think of anything in your office that directly affects your revenues more than your employees? If you hire, develop and retain employees that fit their positions and naturally produce, you will reach your revenue expectations. On the other hand, if you are forced to constantly retrain and coach your struggling team members to be productive and inevitably rehire for the same positions, you will lose all of your revenues…  Read More

The Three Reasons Your Sales Stink

Written August 10, 2012

Is your organization currently meeting its sales goals? Besides your market’s leaders, who continually meet and surpass their sales goals, a good majority of those in your industry are failing to meet their productivity, sales and revenue expectations. Although they give many excuses for this (the economy, too much competition, seasonal business, the sun and the moon aren’t in alignment, etc.), there really are only three reasons…  Read More

3 Steps to Your Most Dependable, Motivated & Productive Staff Ever

Written May 13, 2012

Here’s a fact: Without a productive staff, you simply are not going to grow your business or accomplish your important professional and personal goals. Never before has it been more important to employ a dependable, motivated and productive staff.   Here’s another fact: Studies show, most businesses (over 80%) are stagnant in their growth… not matter the economy. However, the top 10% or so of every industry have remained on pace…  Read More

3 Step Business Growth Formula

Written March 21, 2012

To reach your organization’s productivity, sales and revenue goals, it is vital that you continually grow your business. Are you currently meeting your revenue objectives? If so, great! If not, you are not alone. The majority of organizations are failing to reach their true revenue potential and their leaders haven’t yet realized exactly what is holding them back; or they are in denial. The underlining cause of poor productivity and sales is not…  Read More

Ten Reason You Should Do Background Checks on Potential Employees

Written February 19, 2012

If you’ve been a subscriber to this newsletter for the past year and have read any of my articles, you already know why it is so important to have TOP Performers in every position of your company. It is the path to go from good to great and exactly how business grows and gets easier. If you or your managers are forced to spend any of your time solving People Problems, you have hired the “wrong” people and will…  Read More

How Hiring the Wrong People Can Kill Your Business

Written December 29, 2011

There is no decision more important than who you hire for your business. The right people will make you money. The wrong people always cost you money. When you think about it, there is only one reason to hire a new employee; to improve your productivity and make you more profitable. Unfortunately, studies have shown only 16 percent of employees actually make us money. This is why it is so important to “actively” recruit until…  Read More

TOP Performers: How to Find (& Keep) the Best

Written October 2, 2011

There has been a lot of talk about businesses struggling in this weak economy. We’ve heard of slumping sales, budget cutting, lay-offs and even business closures. But that’s not the case for everybody. A minority of businesses are thriving in this economy, reaching goals and doing better than ever. Managers or owners of these successful businesses always seem to praise the individuals who are working for them and the productivity they…  Read More

The #1 Ingredient of ALL Successful Businesses

Written April 2, 2011

You want your business to be more successful, don’t you? So what have you done lately to improve it? Let me guess: You’ve worked on infrastructure, organization and your vision / mission. You’ve purchased new technology and equipment. You may have also attended seminars, revised sales processes and sought the advice of an expert. And how has that worked? Usually, business owners tell us after spending this time and money…  Read More

5 Ways to Stop Hiring Losers

Written January 13, 2011

Here’s a fact: More than three of four hires disappoint their employers in the first year on the job. Over the years, many of these business owners have referred to these people as “losers.” Before we discuss how to Stop Hiring Losers, it’s important to understand what a loser is. Now, I could try to be creative and make a acronym… but I’m not going to. We all know what they are and who they are. They’re the ones…  Read More

Why YOU Continually Fail to Hire the Right People (Part 1)

Written January 27, 2010

It’s as simple as this:  Successful People = Successful Business! And the opposite is also true.  If the people you employ are not successful, your business will not be successful. Until you realize this, your business will continue to fall short of your important goals.  Even worse, you as the leader will also fall short of accomplishing your important professional (& personal) goals.   The 2 Types of Employees There really are only…  Read More

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