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Why YOU Continually Fail to Hire the Right People (Part 1)


Written January 27, 2010 


It’s as simple as this:  Successful People = Successful Business!

And the opposite is also true.  If the people you employ are not successful, your business will not be successful.

Until you realize this, your business will continue to fall short of your important goals.  Even worse, you as the leader will also fall short of accomplishing your important professional (& personal) goals.


The 2 Types of Employees

There really are only two types of employees that you can hire and retain.  Here they are:

#1)  Employees that Help Your Business Reach it’s Potential

#2)  Employees that Hold Your Business Back from Reaching it’s Potential

So how many of the “right” or “wrong” people do you employ now?  Let’s figure it out.

Now Actually do this exercise…

Step 1 – Write the name of every member of your team on a piece of paper (or type it in a spreadsheet).

Step 2 – Put a check mark next to the names that if you were actually trying to accomplish your goals right now would no longer be employed because they are unreliable &/or unmotivated &/or unproductive and holding your business back.

Step 3 – Add up the number of check marks and divide it by your number of employees.

(example: 13 check marks / 20 total employees = .65…  so 65%)

The figure you just came up with is the percentage of your workforce (or team) that you need to either start developing or replace (ASAP) if you want your business to reach it’s potential.


So Why Did I Assume Above… You Are NOT Actually Trying to Accomplish Your Goals Right Now?

Well, because it’s true!  Here are the two ways I know this:

1.  You probably didn’t actually do the exercise above – maybe because you don’t really want to know the answer.


2.  If you were actually trying to reach your business’s potential and accomplish your goals, you wouldn’t stand for poor performance from any employees as you currently are.

Someone who is trying to accomplish their goals would not continue to employee and pay a person who:

  • Can’t or won’t show up for work on-time every day

  • Give you a full-day’s work for their full-day’s pay

  • Creates conflict with their co-workers & can’t follow the direction of management

  • Treats customers poorly (& costs you sales and clients)

  • Can’t close the sale on the leads you spend a lot of money generating

Unless your goals are to be mediocre, you can’t employ mediocre people any longer.

Here’s What to do if Your “Hiring Success Rate” is Less than 100%…

If the percentage you came up with above is less than 100%, you have some work to do if you’re ready to start accomplishing your goals.

You either need to spend time and money trying to magically transform your non-producers… or replace them with someone that will “naturally” perform the job you’re paying them to do.

But without updating your recruiting and hiring processes, don’t expect for better results than you’ve had in the past.

Because the same outdated practice of:

Step 1 – Posting a classified ad in the paper or on an on-line web board

Step 2 – Trusting a prospective employee’s resume (or application)

Step 3 – Asking interview questions the candidate is expecting you to ask

And then…


Hiring Technique #1 – Basing a Hiring Decision on “Gut Feel”

…You’ll have a 14% Hiring Success Rate.

This means just 1 in 7 people hired from a resume or application, interview and your instincts become the TOP Performers that you need to hire to reach your potential.

There are many reasons for this.  Here are a few:

  • 80% of TOP Performers are recruited or attracted with “Active” strategies – not by “passive” classified ads, general web boards or expensive employment agencies

  • 95% of resumes contain exaggerations (perhaps not lies but exaggerations)

  • 90% of interviews ask the same 10 pointless interview questions that your candidates are expecting and have studied how to answer

But most of all, you are basing your instinctive, “gut feel” decision on luck.  And at the same time, are also basing the future success of your business on luck.

Yes, you can have multiple interviews with a candidate or group interviews with other members of your team.  But if you are doing nothing more than reflecting on what they’ve written and said in attempts to “sell” you on hiring them, you are basing the decision on “gut feel,” chance and luck.

And you need to stop depending on luck to grow your business, reach your potential and accomplish your important goals.


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