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The #1 Ingredient of ALL Successful Businesses


Written April 2, 2011 



You want your business to be more successful, don’t you?

So what have you done lately to improve it? Let me guess:

You’ve worked on infrastructure, organization and your vision / mission.

You’ve purchased new technology and equipment.

You may have also attended seminars, revised sales processes and sought the advice of an expert.

And how has that worked?

Usually, business owners tell us after spending this time and money to no avail, they are even more overwhelmed, distressed and always poorer than they were before.


Your Business is Only As Good As Your People

Because you have the motivation to improve the performance and profitability of your business, you need to take the following advice ASAP.

Stop trying to give your employees what you believe (and they tell you) they need to become more successful. It will NOT work. And here’s why:

TOP Performing people “naturally” succeed and are always 5 to 8 times more productive than average employees in the same position.

If you don’t have the right people, no amount of infrastructure, technology or seminars will make them more successful.



Successful People = Successful Business!

Your business will never be successful until your people are successful!

And your people will never be successful until you take the steps that all TOP Performing Companies have taken to leave competitors in their dust.

In studying the processes of the most successful small businesses for the past 20 years, I’ve found there are three simple steps all of them have taken to shatter previous productivity and profitability records in their business. NO MATTER THE ECONOMY.

Contrary to what the media is telling us, there are companies that are currently growing.

And there are also very successful companies out there driving their competitors to the brink of disaster and then buying them out too.

Now, you don’t need to strive to do this, but if you’d like less competition in your market, now is the time to implement the systems in your business to do so.

And it all starts with learning what the most successful small businesses have done…



The 3 Simple Steps to Your Most Productive & Profitable Staff Ever

Now, these simple steps are articles in themselves. So today, you’ll only learn the first step. (which is also #1 of the “3 1/2 HR Best Practices of TOP Performing Small Businesses” that I’ve been teaching for 20 years)

Until you take this step, you can’t take steps two or three. So there is no point in learning them yet.

And until you take this step, you also can’t expect your people to become more successful.



Step 1 to Your Most Productive, Motivated and Successful Staff Ever

Here it is: Establish Productivity Standards & Expectations for Every Position in Your Company.

And then, most importantly, put these standards and expectations in writing.

Because until they are in writing, you don’t actually have standards. And neither do your employees.

Sure, you may have told them what is expected when you interviewed them. And then you once again told them what is expected once they were hired.

But do you really expect them to remember? They don’t!

And since it’s not in writing, do you really expect them to take it seriously now that they’re on your team? They won’t.

When you have a goal, do you put it in writing? Well, if you don’t, your goal is actually a “wish.”

If your goals and expectations for your employees are not in writing, they too will become wishes that don’t come true.



Five Important Reasons to Implement Step 1 in Your Business Today!

If you don’t have written Job Descriptions (or what we call a “TOP Performance Blueprint”) for every position in your company, start developing them today.

Here are five very important reasons why to do this:


Reason 1 – The written standards you establish are a prerequisite for goal accomplishment for your employees… and your business.


Reason 2 – These written standards and expectations can protect you from being sued for not hiring someone or letting an ineffective employee go.


Reason 3 – By putting these standards in writing, your entire management team will finally be in alignment on hiring and performance expectations.


Reason 4 – These standards will end uncertainty of position requirements in not only your recruiting and selection process, but once an employee is hired.

And most importantly…

Reason 5 – When employees have their expectations in writing and the step-by-step actions to take to exceed these expectations, you’ll no longer need to micro-manage your employees to do the job you’ve hire (and are paying them) to do.

Now, this should be reason enough to start developing written standards and performance expectations for your business.

If not, perhaps the fact that if you don’t – your people will not be successful is reason enough.

And if your people are unsuccessful, your business will be unsuccessful.

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