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3 Steps to Your Most Dependable, Motivated & Productive Staff Ever


Written May 13, 2012 



Here’s a fact:

Without a productive staff, you simply are not going to grow your business or accomplish your important professional and personal goals.

Never before has it been more important to employ a dependable, motivated and productive staff.



Here’s another fact:

Studies show, most businesses (over 80%) are stagnant in their growth… not matter the economy.

However, the top 10% or so of every industry have remained on pace to shatter previous revenue records. From what we’ve found, all of them have something in common.

The leaders of these businesses are ignoring the dreaded news spouted by the local and national media. They have continued to seek the professional advice of their business coaches and advisers. They have NOT discontinued or cut marketing efforts to attract new customers…

And most importantly, they have all taken the following steps to improve the productivity of their staff to assure this is their best year ever.



Step 1 – Establish Performance Standards

If you haven’t set minimum productivity standards (goals) for your positions, how do you expect your employees to produce to your expectations?

They can’t and won’t… because they don’t really know what your expectations are.

The most productive businesses have established, WRITTEN systems to assure every employee becomes and remains productive. And it’s important to know, a system is much more than a “Job Description” that your employee tosses in their file never to be seen again.

Productive businesses always have productive people. Productive people have “blueprints” for success which include:

1. At least five “S.M.A.R.T. Goals” and objectives of their position

2. All major duties and responsibilities (what they must do to accomplish the goals and objectives of their position)

3. Five to 10 “success strategies” for their position that they can initiate on their own to improve their performance.

By having these performance standards in your business, you and your managers spend less of your time micro-managing, externally motivating your unmotivated and will improve your productivity.

(to learn how People Values’ clients develop these written performance standards -like Job Descriptions, Training Manuals & Performance Review and Improvement Forms- in just 30-60 minutes per position, check out our TOP Performance Center)



Step 2 – Hire the Right People in the First Place

If you don’t follow a proven system to attract and hire the right people, studies have shown up to 84% of your new hires will fail in their first year on the job.

And when they do, they will damage your customer service, employee morale, productivity, sales and bottom-line. Even worse, you and your managers will spend most of your time solving the problems created by having these people in your business.

Now, if you’d rather spend your time, energy and money on business development and increasing sales, start hiring the right people.

To do so, learn the best practices of TOP Performing companies. They all start with written performance standards, then “actively” recruit and never rely solely on their “gut” to make critical hiring decisions.



Step 3 – Continually Develop the “Individuals” on Your Team

Once you have created performance expectations and hire people who “fit” these standards, I guarantee your staff productivity will already have doubled.

You’ll also soon find it is much easier to take an employee doing 100% of quota to 120%, than taking an employee doing 50% to 60% of what is expected.

But the only way you are going to do this is to establish a system of continual performance review and at the same time, provide them the skills, strategies and “individualized” coaching they deserve (and require).

Your market’s leaders insure that every employee, from their executives to entry level, are reviewed and developed at least twice a year. You need to realize that if any employee is not reaching their performance and productivity expectations, your organization will also fall short on reaching its productivity, sales and revenue goals.

Many business leaders struggling to accomplish their goals act as if they believe not every employee can be a TOP Performer. Do you think market leaders believe this?

They don’t and neither should you. Start developing your greatest asset today to make this your most profitable year yet.

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