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How to Improve Your Staff Productivity… Today


Written March 11, 2015 


Improving employee performance has been ranked the #1 business issue for the past 10 plus years now.

If you are like most driven business leaders, you’ve tried just about everything to improve your staff productivity.

Unfortunately, the majority of the techniques struggling businesses have tried have been unsuccessful in improving their productivity. These techniques have also been very time consuming, energy draining and expensive.

Some of them include:

  • Spending countless hours building infrastructure & reorganizing systems

  • Hiring a business coach, teamwork consultant or motivational speaker

  • Purchasing new software & technology

These can be successful in improving your productivity, but not until you have the “right” people on your team. If you don’t, a month, week or a few days later, you’ll be back to business as usual.

Those that produced naturally before, still do. Those that struggled still do and damage your productivity, profits and goal accomplishment.


When Your Retention Rate Doesn’t Matter

You should not set an actual goal of a high retention rate until you have TOP Performers in every position to increase your profitability. Whether your retention rate is low or you have no turnover at all, it really doesn’t matter unless all of your employees are reaching your work-ethic, teamwork & productivity expectations.

Having a high retention rate will mean that you don’t have to spend your time recruiting, hiring and training replacement employees. Though if you don’t have reliable and productive people in every one of your positions, it also means you won’t accomplish all of your important goals; for you’ll spend your time solving problems rather than developing business.


3 Techniques to Double (or Triple) YOUR Productivity

Minor changes in the way you manage your business can make major difference in your productivity and profitability. The following three techniques can initiate team and organizational performance improvements in days, rather than months, years… or never:


1. Concentrate on People Systems Before Infrastructure & Organization

There are five processes in a successful Personnel Management System (& my TOP Performance System). They are: Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Developing & Retaining TOP Performers.

If you improve your recruiting & hiring processes and start selecting the right people the first time, you don’t have to spend as much of your time and expenses on the other three people processes. You also won’t have to dedicate your time on the “infrastructure” or organization of your business either.

Think about your TOP Performers… they “naturally” produce. Now think about your low performers, no matter how much time you spend on “infrastructure,” they still fail to increase their performance…

2. Start Utilizing Every Employee More Efficiently & Effectively

Every individual on your team has unique goals, behaviors and a preferred style of performing their job. Though most organizations try to manage and motivate every employee the same way. I’m sure you’ve realized, this doesn’t work…


3. Stop Procrastinating… Replace Your Non-Producers Today

Every hour you spend training, developing, externally motivating and paying salary to someone not reaching your reliability, teamwork or productivity expectations, you are losing money. You need to realize, not only are you losing the expense of payroll to these individuals, you are losing the revenue a TOP Performer could be giving you.

Depending on position, this could mean up to tens of thousands of dollars for entry level and hundreds of thousands of dollars for a sales or management position. So stop losing money today and hire only TOP Performers…

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