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First Step to Shattering Productivity (& Profitability) Records in 2017


Written January 4, 2017 


Have you already set your business goals for 2017?

I’m sure one of your goals is to improve the performance of your team and the profitability of your business.  Am I right?

(if so, visit the brand new TOP Performance Center right now)

But before you start setting goals, you need to discover…


The 3 Reasons Performance & Productivity Goals Set by Small Business Owners Are Usually Not Accomplished

Perhaps you haven’t set any goals for the upcoming year.  Many business leaders don’t.

A main reason for this is:  Most of their goals in the past have not been accomplished.  So why go through the effort of setting new ones (that probably won’t be accomplished either)?

Especially when accomplishing productivity goals isn’t entirely up to you when you’re depending on employees.  Because if your employees are not reliable, motivated or productive, your business isn’t going to be either. Right?

Maybe, but maybe not…


Reason #1 – Not actually setting goals is the number one reason you can’t accomplish them (well duh!).

Even more important than setting that goal is to put it in writing though.  Because it’s been proven, until a goal is in writing… it’s only a wish.

And also, if the goal isn’t SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timebound), it’s not really a goal after all.  It’s just a bunch of words that you’ll never actually know if / when you accomplish.

Without expectations, standards or goals, you can’t expect to improve because you’re depending on chance and luck to become successful… rather than strategy.  So it’s time to establish some goals for 2016.


Reason #2 – And once you start creating performance expectations and goals, make sure all managers are in alignment on the goal.  All managers should be responsible for helping you create your performance standards.

This is another major reason why organizations continually fail to grow.  Every manager and department head needs to be clear on what the specific and measurable objectives are for their department and the business.

When they are not in alignment, they’ll all be recruiting and hiring different types of people.  They also manage their employees differently because there are no set procedures and systems.

And because of this lack of performance standards and management procedures…


Reason #3 – Employees are uncertain on what the goals for their position is or what their objectives are for the next month / quarter.

And this lack of structure and uncertainty leaves managers with a staff that is floundering and unproductive.

Whether it’s because every manager seems to have different performance expectations or there are no expectations at all, this needs to change today if you want to accomplish your goals in 2016


Since you’re still with me…

You know what I’m saying is right and that a more productive staff will help you accomplish your goals.

But until your goals for your business, your departments and every position are in writing, you’re not going to accomplish them.

This is why we created our TOP Performance Center used to create written performance standards, procedures and systems for every position.

More specifically these written documents for every position:
– Attractive Recruiting Ads
– TOP Performance Blueprints (Job Descriptions on Steroids)
– New-Hire Training Manual Outlines
– Performance Improvement Forms to continually improve the productivity of every employee

If your business could benefit from more structure and systems, you need to learn more about the “fill in the blank,” do-it-yourself website we’ve built for our business partners.

Just by completing an online form and clicking save, it helps small businesses build HR Systems that build their business.  And it can all be done in less than an hour per position.  To learn more…


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