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3 ½ Secrets to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals (article 1 of 4)


Written October 2, 2017 


If you haven’t realized it yet… the year is more than half over.  So, have you accomplished half of your personal and business goals yet?

If not, you’re lucky to be a subscriber to this newsletter.  For the next three weeks, you’ll get this 4-part series of articles full of strategies to help you recruit, hire and improve the performance of your team and business.


Here is what you’ll learn over the next few weeks:

Article 1 – Why you continue to recruit and hire poor performers even after all thing things you have implemented into your selection process

Article 2 – The #1 “talent” of the most productive individuals, teams & organizations (that you need to develop)

Article 3 – The advantage that virtually every small and large market leader shares… and is keeping it a secret from you

Article 4 – Exactly what to do if your employees are currently holding you back

& here’s a head’s up:  just for reading each article, you’ll get a very valuable gift at the end that will help you improve your recruiting and hiring process.


The Main Reason A Lot of Organizations are Not Accomplishing Their Goals

In working with Market Leaders in all industries for the past 17+ years, we’ve learned that many of these companies are not much different than their counterparts.  This is true whether they are in manufacturing, retail, construction or any other industry.

Many times, they are selling the same exact products or services, have access to the same marketing material and have similar sales processes.  Also, in many cases, the market leaders we work with don’t even have a competitive advantage in their location, their websites are not the best in their industry and many don’t have the longevity or years in business that many of their counterparts have.


But what they do have are two things.  The first is the “talent” you’ll learn about in the next article of this series.

The second is, they always have the most reliable, motivated and productive employees in their market.  And this doesn’t happen by chance.

There is no luck involved in recruiting or hiring people that really want to serve your customers the way they expect to be served.

There is no luck involved in recruiting or hiring people that actually enjoy selling and will continually improve their performance to meet quota month after month.

And there’s no luck involved in recruiting or hiring people that are effective in training new employees and coaching team members to become (& remain) productive.

But it takes much more than posting an ad online and interviewing people to recruit and hire the people your business needs.  With the internet and websites like Indeed, Craigslist and Zip Recruiter, it’s become simple and anyone in any organization can recruit and gather a stack of resumes.

But not everyone can pick the right candidate out of this stack of resumes.  Here’s how I know this…


Odds of Hiring a TOP Performer (the 1st time)

Studies have shown that 84% of employees will disappoint in their first year on the job.  This doesn’t mean that they will quit and you’ll be hiring for the same position because many times they just stay with a company continuing to hold them back.

So why do they stay?

Well, because many are just too lazy to search for a new job and they need the salary to pay their bills.  And the other reason they stay is because you’ve allowed them to.

Perhaps you’ve done so because it takes a lot of time, effort and money to recruit, review resumes, interview, complete new hire paperwork, train, etc.

And then there is no guarantee (especially with 84% of employees disappointing) that the new hire will be any better.


So What Can You Do?

There are many things you can do.  That’s the good news.

Here are just some of them:
– Phone screen candidates
– Email questionnaires
– Reference Checks
– Hire an expensive recruiter or headhunter
– Drug Test
– Behavioral interview questions
– Background Check
– Group interviews
– Personality Tests
– Skills Assessments
– Consult a Psychic (yes… one of our clients did this before partnering with us)
– And many, many more things…

But here’s the bad news:  You can use ALL OF THESE STRATEGIES together and odds are (shown by even more studies) that still more than 50% of the people you hire are going to disappoint in the first year on the job.


And That Right There is the 1st Secret

What you just read is the first of the 3 ½ Secrets to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals…

Everything you’ve been taught to do to assure that you hire the right people is giving you no better odds than shuffling all of the resumes you receive, randomly pulling two out of the pile and flipping a coin to make a hiring decision.

Here’s why:  The traditional hiring process used by most companies and combining all of the strategies listed above do not help you determine whether the candidate has “Job Fit.”  Even by using all of these strategies, you still don’t know:

1.  Competency Fit and whether the candidate can be trained quickly, be accurate in their work, process new information to increase their current skill, etc.

2.  Behavior Fit and whether they fit the team, are coachable, have critical thinking abilities to manage themselves, can multi-task, etc.

3.  Interest Fit and whether they (even though they say they are in their interview) are really motivated by serving people, leading others or doing the other important aspects of the job without external motivation from a manager.

Besides the “Culture Fit” (integrity, reliably, work-ethic, etc.) issues that lead to an employee disappointing, the three areas above are usually the issues that lead to failure in a position.  And even by using all of the strategies you’ve been told will work to hire the right people, you still don’t know these things before hiring right now.

Now hopefully you have a better than 50% “Hiring Success Rate” and the majority of your employees are reliable, internally motivated and continually improve their performance.  But if not, you’re lucky you are a subscriber to this newsletter.  Here are three reason why:

Reason 1 – The next article is going to teach you the #1 “talent” of TOP Performing Individuals, Teams and Businesses and the quickest way to start improving the performance of your organization.

Reason 2 – In the 3rd article, you’ll discover the little-known secret of “Job Matching”

& Reason 3 – Here’s the gift I promised for reading this entire article… Since your odds of hiring the right people increase when you recruit and attract more of the right candidates to apply, here is where you can immediately download my book “The 50 Best Strategies to Recruit TOP Performing Employees”

By reading this book, here’s what you’ll discover:

– Exactly why you are having trouble finding qualified, quality people and how to build a “bullpen” of candidates for the next time you are hiring
– How to write ads that attract TOP Performers… and detract incompetent, lazy people from even applying​ and wasting your time
– The 50 Best Strategies to recruit quality, qualified candidates (without depending on websites and expensive headhunters or temporary agencies)

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