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3 ½ Secrets to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals (article 2 of 4)


Written November 9, 2017 


In the article last month, you learned why everything you’ve been doing to hire the right people for your business is still only giving you a less than 50% chance of hiring TOP Performers.  Even after all the things you’ve implemented into your hiring process…

Now, I’m going to tell you why most organizations don’t even get TOP Performance out of their employees when they hire the right people.


Why Even TOP Performers Will be Non-Performers in Most Organizations:

Unfortunately, even when many organizations hire the right person, their business is still not set up to assure the person becomes (& remains) a TOP Performer.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1.  Since they’ve never actually hired a TOP Performer, or someone 5-8 times more productive than average employees, they don’t believe these people actually exist

2.  They treat all employees the same because they have stopped expecting TOP Performance out of their individuals

3.  Mediocrity (drama, reliability issues, personnel problems, etc.) has become the norm

So even though many organizations have started settling for mediocrity, this is NOT how the market leaders in your industry believe or ever behave.  That is why when most businesses are struggling to grow, market leaders have continued to take even more market share.  And this is true for small and large business.

So how have they done this?  How do their cultures differ from their counterparts?

Well, they’ve all developed a “talent” required to assure TOP Performance out of their individuals, teams and business.


So Why is this “Talent” So Important?

First off, I guess it could also be called a skill, process or factor of TOP Performance.  But “talent” is just the best word I found when I checked the Thesaurus when writing the outline for these articles.

It’s the word that fit best because a “talent” is something you can develop.  Pretty much by just doing it once and then working to get better at it.

But the problem is, even though you’ve read in books and have been told how important this talent (skill or process) is, you have yet to put into practice in your business.

And here is what it has done to your individuals, teams and business…

Without developing this talent, your individuals:
– Still seem unclear of what is expected of them (even though you may tell them monthly, weekly… or daily)
– Never seem to get better and have become “workplace survivors”

Without developing this talent, your teams:
– Continually battle communication issues and conflict
– Are led by managers that all seem to be performing with a different result in mind

& without developing this talent, your business:
– Fails to satisfy customers, doesn’t get the referrals it once did, is getting a bad reputation and is losing clients
– Is surly not as profitable as it should (or could) be


If your individuals, teams or business are battling any of the issues above, developing this talent is something you need to do ASAP.


So What is this Talent?

Well, it’s the main ingredient of TOP Performing individuals, teams and businesses.

Here it is:  It’s the talent to create clear, specific and measurable (or SMART) Goals.  But not only to create them…

But put them in writing.  Because until they are in writing, they are only a wish (or daily verbal command from you or your managers).

So why is it so important to go all the way down to the individual level?

Well, because most of the individuals on your team also don’t have the talent of creating (or writing) their goals either.  So you must do it for them.

Now you don’t need to sit down with every employee and create individual goals for them… but you do need to create clear objectives and goals for every position in your company.  And the more specific and measurable, the more your team members will be able to self-manage, self-motivate and self-improve to become and remain TOP Performers.

And as every individual in your organization becomes a TOP Performer, then so will your teams and business.

(Oh, and if an individual doesn’t work toward accomplishing their goals for their position… you replace them ASAP with someone who will.  Because if you don’t, you’re going to continue to battle morale, turnover and performance issues.  Just one non-producer on your team will infect your culture and hold you back from reaching your potential.)


But Don’t Stop with Just Developing This Talent…

You need to master the talent and the only way to do this is continue to make each goal you set for a position (and 5  is the ideal number) even more specific and measurable over time.

To increase your odds of attracting and hiring the right people, these goals need to be listed in your Recruiting Ads and all information that candidates and finalists review in the hiring process.  That is another way to start attracting more TOP Performers… and detracting uncommitted people from even applying and wasting your time.

And when your employees start to use the Job Descriptions (or what we at People Values call TOP Performance Blueprints) that are all based on the same goals and objectives, you’ll continue to improve staff performance.

The goals and objectives you create for each position become the basis of your management system.

And instead of spending time working “in” your business micro-managing people without positive results, you’ll finally get to spend your time working “on” your business accomplishing the important goals you have for it and making it more profitable.


The Gift for Reading this Entire Article…

As promised, I’d give a gift just for reading each article to the end.

The gift this time is the worksheet we provide our clients to help them create their 5 SMART Goals for every position in their company.  It can take you from no or vague goals to having them complete by the end of the day.

Here is where you can get this document right now!

Read Article 3 (of 4) in this Series Here!

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