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Want Psychic Powers to Hire the Right People?


Written August 22, 2018 


How great would it be if you had “psychic powers” to help you hire the right people for your business?

Powers to make sure that your new hires were actually going to be reliable, motivated and productive before hiring them.  Not only right after training… but also years from now.

Just think of all the things you’d no longer have to do:

  • spend your time and energy training new employees

  • give ultimatums when employees can’t be depended upon

  • resolve conflict, communication issues and unite team members

  • continually coach when team members are failing to accomplish the goals of their position

  • and ultimately… rehire for the same positions over and over again

Believe It or Not… You Can Have These Powers

Yes, you really can.  And I’ll show you how to get them later on in this month’s article.

But before I do, I’m going to show you the 3 worst Hiring Techniques that our clients have used that are the opposite of powerful and fail to hire TOP Performers.

Of course, they used these unsuccessful techniques before the were referred to People Values.  And once they partnered with us to hire and develop their most productive team ever, stopped using them.

In the past 18 years, we’ve heard just about everything.  We not only have created lists of the 50 Best Practices of TOP Performing Organizations (take our online survey to see how many you have implemented into your HR Systems here:  TOP Performance Assessment)…

We’ve also made lists of the Worst Practices.


& Here Are the 3 Worst Hiring Practices:


Technique #1 – Actual Psychics

Now, I’ve never gone to a Psychic but know people who have.  I even know of people who swear by them so I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it.  But…

Twice in the past 18-years, clients have been referred to us after using actual Psychics in their selection process.  They not only paid the Psychic to read the resume but also read the candidate’s mind (or however they do it) during a face-to-face appointment.

In neither of these cases were the Psychics able to help these organization improve their Hiring Success Rate of TOP Performers.


Technique #2 – The 8 Crazy Different Color Office Technique

Another client that was referred to us years ago actually admitted that their “best” hiring technique consisted of this…
1.  They painted the 8 rooms in their office different colors
2.  The final steps of their hiring process was to show the candidate all 8 rooms
3.  Then they’d ask the candidate which room they’d pick for their own if they were hired
4.  If the candidate chose the office that most of their employees like best (apparently because of the wall color)…
5.  The candidate was hired

This technique is on this list of worst practices because it didn’t work… and that’s why they were referred to People Values by their business coach.


Technique #3 – The Technique that 95% of Organizations Use that Doesn’t Work to Hire the Right People

It’s been proven that most organizations use the same method for hiring.  And it’s also been proven that it only helps them select TOP Performers 14% of the time.

68% of the time it selects what we call “Workplace Survivors.”  Now, they might not be “Mis-Hires” (the other 14% of employees that lack Integrity, Reliability, Work-Ethic, etc.) but for some reason or other these Workplace Survivors can’t continually accomplish the goals of their positions.

The ineffective technique is the “Traditional Hiring Method” that relies on:

Step 1 – Getting an application or Resume (that studies have shown 95% contain “exaggerations”)

Step 2 – An interview / group interviews / multiple-interviews (that are usually based on what the exaggerated resume says)

Step 3 – Making a hiring decision based on “gut feel,” instincts, chance & luck

Yes, I know this is the way you were hired in the past, the way you were taught to hire and the way you’ve always done it… but when it only provides a 14% success rate in hiring TOP Performers, it doesn’t work.

Or it doesn’t work if you have a goal to become more productive, profitable and one of the most successful organizations in your market.

So what can you do to hire more TOP Performers and crush your competition?


Give Yourself “Psychic Powers” in Hiring with Job Matching

There really is a way that YOU can see if a finalist actually fits the job before hiring them.  For almost 20 years, our clients have done it through “Job Matching.”

It’s just 1 addition step in your current hiring process that will quadruple your odds of hiring TOP Performers to over 85%.

Though Job Matching, these are all the “Psychic Powers” that you’ll soon have:

  • Know how quickly (if ever) the individual can be trained to start performing their job

  • Know if the individual can get along with the rest of their team members and manager

  • Know whether the individual is a self-starter or needs to be micro-managed, coached and given confidence to perform

  • Know if the individual will be reliable, work-hard and can take direction from others

  • Know how satisfied the individual will be in their job, enjoy the tasks of the position and be internally motivated
    & most importantly…

  • Know whether or not they are a “clone” of your TOP Performers to assure they will be successful before their even hired

All of the things in the list above usually take weeks or months to figure out.  And if they are not a fit to the job, it’s too late because you’ve wasted your time, energy and money on another underperformer that will either remain unproductive on your payroll… or need to be replaced.

It’s simple to Discover How You Can Give Yourself “Psychic Powers” through Job Matching…

All you have to do is visit and watch our 10-minute video right now!

How would you like to Discover a Proven Process GUARANTEED to help you solve the #1 issue in business today... hiring & developing a productive team?

The best part is, to discover this valuable education, you don’t have to travel, attend seminars, outsource, hire an expensive consultant or business coach, invite a slick salesperson to your office, etc.

All you have to do is watch the FREE video to discover:

  • The 3 1/2 HR Best Practices of TOP Performing Small Businesses (that you’re probably not using)

  • Why most of the people you’ve hired in the past fail to produce to your expectations

  • How to have peace-of-mind that your business stays productive even when you’re not there

  • The main reason you spend the majority of your time micromanaging employees

  • How to Quadruple Your Odds of Hiring the Right People... The 1st time… to over 85%

  • Extra Bonus… Just for watching the video, you’ll get 4 gifts valued at $649.47

To watch the educational video, Click Here Right Now!

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