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Who is Holding Your Business Back?


Written October 8, 2018  


This month, rather than focusing on “what” is holding your business back, you’re going to discover “who” is holding your business back.

As a subscriber of the TOP Performance Monthly, you already know what is holding your business back. We discuss it almost every month.


Even Though… Here’s Another Reminder of What is Holding Your Business Back:

Contrary to what you read in business journals and what the media tells us, most companies are not being held back by “the Economy.”

How can I say this… because here’s a fact:  In every market and industry, there are businesses growing and dominating their competition. (No matter their location, social media presence, years in business or anything else that “experts” tell you really matters).

And since their business is offering the same products / services as you (usually at higher prices than yours) and they have not been negatively affected by the economy, blaming the economy is an excuse you can’t use any longer.


So What is REALLY Holding Your Business Back:

When you think about the problems you’ve spent your last week trying to solve, you’ll realize most of those problems are created by having the wrong people in your business.

(& this chart will show you exactly how much non-producers are costing YOU & how much money you’re wasting on the salaries of underperformers)

Let’s look more specifically at the problems you spend your days solving:

  • Work Ethic & Reliability Issues from people that can’t show up for work on-time (everyday) or give you a full-days work for their full-days pay

  • Conflict & Teamwork Issues from people who’d rather spend their days creating barriers to team productivity than unity

  • Lack of Engagement & Motivation from people who can’t do the job you’re paying them to do without micro-management

  • Poor Service from people who have a different mission than you

  • Lost Sales from people who just can’t connect with your prospects or close

This is “What” is holding your business back…


So, Who Should Be Blamed – How About Your Employees?

Think about it… ever since you started your business, you’ve struggled with finding and hiring the people needed for your business to reach it’s potential.

So what have you done about it?

What systems have you initiated to:

  • Attract the most productive people in your industry to continually apply for your jobs

  • Increase your interviewing effectiveness in figuring out who people really are in your selection process (rather than finding out two weeks after they’re hired)

  • Guarantee the people you hire actually fit your culture & the job you’re hiring them to do

If you haven’t created systems to guarantee success in the critical objectives above, can you really blame your people for underperforming? With systems in place to find and hire TOP Performers, most of your underperformers wouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

So can you really blame employees for holding your business back? No, you can’t…


So, Who Else Can Be Blamed – How About Your Managers?

Are all of your managers as good as they are going to get?

Do you have any leaders who have trouble communicating effectively, working well with others, managing their time, delegating successfully, etc.?

Think about this: If your leaders are not performing the job you’ve hired them to do, how can you expect them to lead their employees to do their jobs?

So what have you done about it?

What systems have you initiated to:

  • Assure that new hires will be trained efficiently to produce as soon as possible

  • Provide every employee (& their managers) timely feedback on their performance so they know what skills to develop and actions to take to become more productive

  • Certify that your TOP Performers remain satisfied with the company and their job so they don’t leave to become your competitor’s best employee

If you haven’t created systems to guarantee success in the critical objectives above, can you really blame your managers for underperforming? With systems in place to train new hires and develop every employee (especially managers), your staff productivity would continually improve.

So can you really blame managers for holding your business back? No, you can’t…


So, Who Must Be Blamed – YOU!

I know you have a lot of other things on your mind. You are doing everything possible to grow your business, reach your potential and accomplish your goals.

Well, almost everything possible…

You haven’t solved and eliminated your “people problems” and they are holding your business back. And they’ll continue to hold your business back until you create an effective HR System.



The Number One Ingredient of TOP Performing Small Businesses:

For almost two decades, we’ve studied TOP Performance and found this:

Without a WRITTEN HR System to find, hire, train, develop and retain productive people, a business will never reach its full potential.

Now the standards and systems do not need to be written by YOU, but you must be the lead in developing them.

You must align your management team to work together to develop and implement systems to assure standards are established and followed.

Because until they are, your employees and managers will continue to underperform… And as they do, your business will continue to underperform.


Stop holding your business back…

We offer an easy to implement full HR System that can be set up in a few hours to grow your business, add structure and allow your employees to be fully productive.  And you can try it out for FREE.

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