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Stop Paying Your Employees to do This…


Written December 10, 2018 



As the end of year approaches, it’s a good time to do a review of your goals for 2018.

Of course, since you need some sort of a guideline to measure how you’re doing… If you didn’t set any personal or professional goals for your business or yourself in 2018, you should consider doing this now for 2019.



So How Have You Done?

Did you accomplish all that you hoped in 2018?  If you didn’t, you’re not alone.

For whatever reason, studies have shown only 8% of people who set goals, actually accomplish them.

Now, if you’ve also fallen short of your business’ productivity and profitability goals for 2018, the most important thing to figure out is what held you back.

Whether it’s because of…
– the economy
– ineffective marketing
– sales system not working anymore
– quality issues in production
– outdated technology
– poor customer service
… or any number of other issues that affect your profitability, the sooner you start working on a solution to the problems for 2019, the better.



But What if 2018’s Problems Were the Same Problem of 2017, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12…

We started People Values 18-years-ago and the number one issue in business then, is the same issue now.  What is it?

It’s finding, hiring and develop a reliable, motivated and productive team.

In study after study, business managers and owners rank the “people problems” you have to spend your days solving as the number one issues in business.

  • Having to recruit, rehire and retrain for the same positions over and over

  • Having to give ultimatums to team members who can’t show up for work on time everyday

  • Having to micromanage employees who can’t (or won’t) do what is expected to perform their job

  • Having to solve conflict and communication problems between staff

  • Having to continually ask ineffective customer service people to treat your clients the way they expect to be treated

  • Having to coach your salespeople to do (& say) what your TOP Performers do to exceed goals

  • Having to teach your managers to finally lead by example…

I’m not sure if you know this, but we have a process that once implemented, can solve all of these problems.  Many times, in less than 60-days (of course, it depends on the size of your business and amount of underperformers you currently have on your team).

You can learn more about this process in our “3 1/2 Secrets to Hire & Develop Your Most Productive (& Profitable) Staff Ever” Video here…



So You’re Not Sure You Actually Can Solve These Problems? 

Just because you’ve dealt with these problems for so long, it doesn’t mean they can’t be solved.

But the band-aid approach of moving problem employees from one job to another, or adjusting their position responsibilities, or giving them ultimatums hasn’t worked in the past… and it’s not going to magically work in 2019 either.

So hoping, wishing or praying the problems will just disappear is not a good strategy.  You have to combine your hopes and prayers with some action.

Especially when you consider the cost of having the wrong people on your team.  Not only do they cost you your time and energy, they are costing you a lot of money.

And if you’ve never figured out what that cost actually is, we have a way for you to do so right now.  (here’s where you can get it!)

It’s a 1-page form you can fill out in just a few minutes… and here’s what you’ll discover:
– What percent of your staff are TOP Performers and underachievers
– Which position in your company has the greatest need to solve performance issues in (based on your actual costs)

– How much more profitable your company could be with TOP Performers in every position

This information is very important to have.  Most of the time, it inspires business owners to do something… whether partner with us or find another solution to their problems.

But anything is better than continuing to pay your employees to hold you back.

Here again is where you can complete the form to Discover Your Current Percentage of TOP Performers.



Not Sure You Actually Want to Solve Your People Problems?

If you’ve read the article this far, you must identify with what I’ve written this month.

You should either use the link above and spend the next few minutes filling out the form… or go to and watch our 10-minute video.

Discover how to hire and develop employees that will help you accomplish your goals, rather than pay them to hold you back.

Then again, if you really like spending your days dealing with the drama created by hiring the wrong people, have fun with that.

Just realize, if you don’t take action today, you shouldn’t expect to reach your professional or personal goals in 2019.

How would you like to Discover a Proven Process GUARANTEED to help you solve the #1 issue in business today... hiring & developing a productive team?

The best part is, to discover this valuable education, you don’t have to travel, attend seminars, outsource, hire an expensive consultant or business coach, invite a slick salesperson to your office, etc.

All you have to do is watch the FREE video to discover:

  • The 3 1/2 HR Best Practices of TOP Performing Small Businesses (that you’re probably not using)

  • Why most of the people you’ve hired in the past fail to produce to your expectations

  • How to have peace-of-mind that your business stays productive even when you’re not there

  • The main reason you spend the majority of your time micromanaging employees

  • How to Quadruple Your Odds of Hiring the Right People... The 1st time… to over 85%

  • Extra Bonus… Just for watching the video, you’ll get 4 gifts valued at $649.47

To watch the educational video, Click Here Right Now!

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