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Did You Say These Things About Your Employees in 2018?


Written January 9, 2019



I hope your year has started out well.  And just as important, I hope 2018 finished well and you were able to accomplish all of your professional and personal goals.

If not, what held you and your business back?

Was it production problems?  Customer service or sales problems?  Management problems?  Whatever the problems were, they always lead to profitability problems.

I hope you’ve determined what it was so you can make the required corrections in 2019.



The Cause of (almost) All Profitability Problems

Many business coaches and industry experts claim you don’t really have a “business” until you have systems in place.  Only once you have production, customer service, sales and management procedures set (& in writing), can you expect to solve the problems in these areas from last year.

So if you haven’t yet established your business / department / position expectations and put them in writing, that’s your first problem to solve in 2019.

Once you do, if you still have productivity problems, you are probably dealing with the main reason small businesses continue to struggle… the wrong people running these systems.

Whether you have written systems or not, it’s important to have the right people in place.

How can you tell if you don’t?

Here’s how…



If You Ever Said the Following Statements to Yourself (or someone else like a Manager, significant other, etc.) in 2018…

Well, then you have the “wrong” people on your team.

Read the following statements and see how many you said last year…. And, if you said (or thought) any of them, there are directions below on what to do right after reading this article:

  1. Where are all the qualified candidates and why don’t they apply for our jobs?

  2. Why is ________ (name of employee) always late?

  3. Is there anyone on our team that has critical thinking skills?

  4. Doesn’t it seem like ________ (name of new hire) is a completely different person than we interviewed two weeks ago?

  5. I wish there was a way to “clone” our best salespeople!

  6. How many times does ________ (name of incompetent employee) need to make the same stupid mistake before getting it?

  7. If you expect your employees to become more productive… then start leading by example!

  8. Why can’t ________ (name of mis-hire) follow directions and get along with others?

  9. Why can’t our people just do the job we’re paying them to do without continually micromanaging them?

  10. How many years do you think I’ll get if I assassinate _________? (name of problem employee)

If you said (or thought) any of the above, you need to do something about your “People Problems” today.

They led to your profitability problems in 2018 and until they are solved, you can’t expect 2019 to be any different.



Your Next Step to Take Today…

For 19 years now, we’ve offered our Job Matching System to help our partners:

  • Create goals and written performance expectations for every position

  • Solve employee reliability issues, conflict between employees & costly morale issues

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  • Improve employee recruiting, hiring, training, development & retention systems

  • “Clone” TOP Performing Employees (in every position from entry level to management)

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