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Your System to Recruit, Hire, Train, Develop & Retain a TOP Performing Team


Written September 17, 2019 



It’s been almost 2 decades since I quit my last job and started People Values.

I admit, I wasn’t very tolerant and at 27-years-old was already tired of going from company to company being surrounded by poor performers for my employers kept hiring the wrong people.

Through People Values, my goal then is the same now:  To offer the best system to hire a TOP Performing Team.

I’m happy to say, in the last 19+ years, the system has continually evolved to become the only system of its kind to recruit, hire, train, develop and retain TOP Performers (in EVERY position, in ANY industry).



But Our System is Still a Secret

It’s great for our clients but not great for us… that even though we partner with thousands of small business owners and organizations, our system is still pretty much a secret.

The TOP Performance System has remained a “Secret Competitive Advantage” for our Market Leading Clients over their competition because…

–  We’ve built our business on referrals from the best business coaches, consultants and industry advisors (96% of our clients are referred to us – we don’t really market)

–  To learn more about our system, we’ve forced those referred to us to watch our educational video at to discover how they can hire and develop their most productive (& profitable) team ever



But Still Some Business Owners Don’t Watch the 10-Minute Video…

Now, even though their business coach or consultant told them they must learn more about our system (because they’re spending too much of their time micro-managing unproductive employees), some small business owners don’t -or can’t- watch our 10-minute video.

Even though it’s very educational, they never watch the video.  And we know why…

Here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. They don’t actually believe it will be educational and will be just a 10-minute “sales pitch” (and yes, I understand why – the internet is full of “sales pitches” promoted as “educational”).

  2. They think even if they do get a little education, it won’t be enough to warrant the 10-minutes they are giving up and it will be a waste of their time.

  3. They just can’t find 10-minutes in their day, week or month to focus on the solution to their problems… because they are already spending all their time trying to solve them (usually by doing things that will only perpetuate the problems instead of eliminating them).



Why Struggling Business Owners Have NO Time

Those referred to us are referred in the first place because they need to solve the “people problems” that are taking up almost all of their time… and make it impossible to accomplish their goals in business (and life).

And if they just took their business coaches advice and made time for the 10-minute video, they’d find the solution to all of these costly problems created by having the wrong people on their team:
– turnover
– conflict (communication issues)
– apathy
– customer service problems
– reliability problems
– stagnant sales
– low productivity
– and all the other problems that the wrong people create



If You Struggle with ANY of the Issues Above…

You don’t have to be referred to us – we will partner with anyone trying to take their business to the next level.

Well, anyone willing to watch a 10-minute video and learn more about our 7-Step Job Matching Process guaranteed to help give you (& your managers) your time back.

If you’re curious to learn what these 7-steps are and whether they’ll benefit your business before taking 10-minutes out of your busy day to watch our video, here’s a preview:

Step 1 – Once initiated helps you improve the performance of current employees, stop spending as much (or any of your time) micro-managing employees, etc.

Step 2 – Once initiated allows you to “clone” your current TOP Performers

Step 3 – Once initiated helps you create better recruiting ads, attract more of the right candidates, and not depend on “passive” on-line recruiting websites or expensive headhunters any longer

Step 4 – Once initiated improves your selection process to know more about potential employees before, during and after your new improved interview

Step 5 (optional) – Once initiated allows you to discover before hiring if the candidate can be reliable, work well with others, take direction from a manger, has integrity, etc.

Step 6 – Once initiated improves your odds of hiring competent, motivated, productive people from 24% (with a resume, interview, your instincts & luck) to over 85%

Step 7 – Once initiated helps you onboard new employees smoothly, train more effectively and efficiently, and continually boost the performance of every team member


If you want to do any of the above, you should learn more about our Job Matching System.

Whether it’s easy or not for you to find 10-minutes, I invite you to watch our educational (and yes, I’ll admit it, salesy) video at our website.

But if learning how to do all of the above isn’t motivation enough, perhaps the $649.47 in gifts that we give away will help.

Again, here’s where to go:

How would you like to Discover a Proven Process GUARANTEED to help you solve the #1 issue in business today... hiring & developing a productive team?

The best part is, to discover this valuable education, you don’t have to travel, attend seminars, outsource, hire an expensive consultant or business coach, invite a slick salesperson to your office, etc.

All you have to do is watch the FREE video to discover:

  • The 3 1/2 HR Best Practices of TOP Performing Small Businesses (that you’re probably not using)

  • Why most of the people you’ve hired in the past fail to produce to your expectations

  • How to have peace-of-mind that your business stays productive even when you’re not there

  • The main reason you spend the majority of your time micromanaging employees

  • How to Quadruple Your Odds of Hiring the Right People... The 1st time… to over 85%

  • Extra Bonus… Just for watching the video, you’ll get 4 gifts valued at $649.47

To watch the educational video, Click Here Right Now!

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