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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Over 50,000 business leaders Job Match to improve the selection, development and retention of TOP Performers. Below is what some of our clients (& partners of Profiles International) say about the benefits of working with People Values, our service, tools & using the assessments we provide by Profiles International.

Note:  Many of our clients have refused to provide comments, not because they aren’t satisfied and more successful using our employee selection and development tools, but because they just don’t want their competitors (like you) knowing what their secret weapon is. Be assured, we’ll offer you the same anonymity in the future when you are Job Matching TOP Performers and leaving your competitors in your dust…

Construction & Engineering Testimonials:
A TOP Performing Crew Improves Service while Eliminating Stress... & Hair Loss Too

"After our sales manager used the Job Matching System to hire our most successful sales force ever, it was time to do something about our production team. We were struggling with a lack of reliability, teamwork and leadership in our workforce and I was worried if we were going to be able to grow or fulfill the promises our salespeople were making to our clients. In the last year, with help from People Values, we have replaced 18 of our laborers with dependable, hard-working and internally motivated craftsman and just had our best month ever. In a time where our competitors are struggling to grow and going out of business, we have the most productive and profitable staff ever. My wife who runs the office says, ‘If we started using People Values five years ago, I’d still have hair.’ I’m not sure if she’s right, but I know I would have had a lot less stress as we were growing our business."

Co-Owner / Production Manager,
Guardian Home

Non-Existent Employee Review Process to Successful Reviews in Less Than a Week

"We’ve been working with People Values for a few years to hire the right people and now have the best staff we’ve ever had. Unfortunately, we never had a performance review program in place to continually improve the productivity of current employees… that is until last week. I just used People Values’ TOP Performance Center to create an Employee Review & Improvement Process and performed my first two employee reviews. The website was very easy to use. It took me less than an hour to customize the review forms and schedule my reviews. By following Grant’s process, the reviews went very well and my employees left motivated and know exactly what they have to do in the next few months to continually improve their performance. I never thought I’d actually look forward to performing my next round of reviews."

Co-Owner & Office Manager, ​
Guardian Home

Job Matching Makes HR Manager More Knowledgeable & Effective in Her Job

"Working with Grant has brought new and refreshing knowledge to my career in Human Resources, and I am grateful that he is able to provide us with strong and tenured placements.  Whenever we are in need of dynamic and enthusiastic talent, even in the "great resignation" Grant is able to work his magic and get us new team members that become a part of the Guardian family."

HR Manager,

Guardian Home

Partnering to Grow from 1 to 17 TOP Performing Salespeople Crushing the Competition 

"Before I was hired as a sales manager, the company had me take an assessment. I later realized that they have been using the same assessment to hire productive people for over 15 years.  People Values has helped us “clone” our top salespeople over and over again to become one of the fastest growing and most successful contractors in the US.  We’ve been able to virtually eliminate turnover by only hiring people we know beforehand are going to be productive.  As an added bonus, Grant has another assessment that was able to help provide my daughter career direction."

Sales Manager,

Guardian Home

After Four Clients Give Referrals to People Values - Now Successfully Job Matching

"After four different business owners referred me to People Values, including a guy I sat next to on an airplane, I gave their TOP Performance Center a try out. After spending a month or two in creating goals and performance standards, it was time to try out People Values’ tools to hire the right people the first time. Since then, we’ve hired for three different positions. The last time we used the assessments was to decide which of our three Administrative Assistant candidates, which were all very qualified, would be most successful in our company culture and the job. I am amazed at how accurate the assessment reports are."


C & E Trenching

It's Great to Know Who Will Succeed... It's Even Better to Know Who Will Fail

"You’ve helped us ‘clone’ our best people. It’s great to know before hiring that our finalists not only have the behaviors to succeed, but also the competency & motivation too. It’s even better to know when a candidate we’re considering does not fit the job so we can keep them off our payroll."


Lomax Construction & Lomax Properties

A True 'Partnership' to Have the Confidence in Every Hiring Decision

"'We are who we hire.' No one understands this better than People Values. Having them as part of our Team has give us such confidence in our hiring decisions. I couldn't imagine a recruiting program without People Values."

Co-Owner & Office Manager,

SR Design

"Cloning" TOP Performers Makes Training & Managing Employees Much Easier

“We were referred to People Values by an industry consultant when it was time to hire for our new business.  We liked the idea of being able to clone my husband with productive technicians.  Unfortunately, it’s been difficult to recruit skilled candidates, but great to know once we’re interviewing a potential employee the assessments will show us how quickly they can be trained on our processes, if they will be successful in the position and exactly what areas we’ll need to provide continual coaching on.  The Job Matching Assessments make it easier to train and continually develop team members.”

Co-Owner & Office Manager,

I Need the Plumber & Air Conditioning

Go Against the Assessments Recommendation's Once... & it Will Happen Just Once

"We were using our gut feeling before to hire. As we started using Job Matching, it proved that our gut was not always right. In fact we hired against the program’s advice and the flaws in the new hires character (that the assessment caught) became apparent in the first week of there employment. Needless to say, they no longer work for us. The sense of security Job Matching gives us is that we know exactly what type of person we are hiring…before we hire them. Now we only hire productive people. Thank You Grant for all your help."


Precision Carpentry

Recruiting Higher Quality Candidates & Growing Faster with the Job Matching System

“We were referred to you by an industry expert because we were hiring and we wanted to make sure those we hired would help us improve sales and grow our business.  Since partnering, we’ve developed Recruiting Ads that attract higher quality candidates, a written HR System & have filled open positions with the right people.”

HR Manager,

DialONE  Johnson's Plumbing, Cooling & Heating

Improve Management Effectiveness & Provide a Self-Improvement Tool for Employees

"I just had to send you a response to the services that you have provided for us in the PERFORMANCE INDICATORS and TEAM ANALYSIS... I was skeptical on the value of any information you may be able to provide us in improving management... All of the information you have provided us has been extremely useful to each individual staff member and to our corporate culture. In this sense, I believe the reports are well rounded because it gives individuals a chance to look at themselves, it gives the corporation solid advice on how to manage this SPECIFIC GROUP OF PEOPLE and it gives me, the leader, perspective on myself, corporate culture and how to conduct the music."


Designer Built Systems, Inc.

Job Matching Not Only Helps Hire the Right People but Improves Management

"Thanks for continuing to improve the great program you have and the services you provide. These have become an integral part of our employee recruiting and retention programs. I continue to marvel at how fast it helps me hone in on whether or not a person is suited for a particular position at RBR. Also it provides us with very valuable information regarding how to best manage each person based on their natural tendencies and traits."


RBR Construction, Inc.

Job Matching Gives the Ability to Clone TOP Performers in the Trades Over & Over Again

"When we were in the process of developing our technical training academy, we wanted to find a system to identify candidates that are likely to succeed in the trades before we invest too much time, energy and money into them. An industry consultant referred me to Grant and People Values. The first thing we did together was build benchmarks on our most successful HVAC Techs, Installers and Plumbers. The information was invaluable. With the data we gathered, we are now able to assess candidates to these benchmarks to assure people are going to be productive and profitable before we even hire them based on their Job Match percentage."

Director of Training & Development,

Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Job Matching for 17+ Years in Own Business & Now Helping Others Grow Their Business

"Grant has been a trusted resource and advisor for over a decade. His service for determining organizational fit has been instrumental in the businesses I have successfully built as well as others I have happily recommended him to. Can't praise him enough."

CEO & Very Respected Industry Expert,

They Can’t Imagine a Hiring Process Without Job Matching

"We were originally introduced to Grant on an industry specific radio show. A few months later, we partnered with People Values to hire more individuals like our best salespeople. Since that time, we’ve used these services to hire dependable & productive people in our service, installation and office too. We’re amazed at the accuracy of the assessments and couldn’t imagine a hiring process without them."

Operations Manager,

Advanced Comfort System

Without Job Matching - Their First Year in Business Could Have Been Their Last

"I would like to express how much your business partnership has meant to us at I started my business in 2013 and met with People Values from a recommendation I got from a small business friend of mine who I consider to be very successful. I have used the services from People Values to build my human resource system. I am very grateful to have the profiling tool for my business and have come to depend on it a great deal. I have used the Profile tool on all my people that work for my painting company. I have gone against the recommendations from the Profile and hired when the candidate DID NOT reach the desired fit to the benchmark and boy did it cost me!! When I find a candidate the meets the benchmark for the position they are applying for it is like a match made in heaven. I find this hiring system to be SPOT ON!! My first year in business was tough and I can look back and say I may not have made it had I not used People Values... I know how my own “gut feeling” can be disastrous when it comes to hiring people, so instead I use People Values for my company and get nothing but praise and positive testimonials from my customers and my employees that work for us!.. Grant has always been prompt and always willing to coach us in Human Recourse System building. I consider Grant D. Robinson not only a business partner but a friend as well."


10-Point Painting

Job Matching Reduces Training Costs

"This system has enabled us to hire qualified individuals and place them in positions where they excel. This has eliminated hiring candidates that don’t fit and therefore has reduced training and rehiring costs."


Olympic Landscape & Design

Validating Hiring Decisions was Once Impossible... Not Anymore

"Searching for and identifying candidates with the skills and attitudes necessary in our very demanding construction market is a tall task. Validating our hiring team's picks prior to placement was once impossible. Incorporating People Values' assessments into our selection process serves us a strong tool in identifying strengths in predicting team dynamics. These tools have afforded us a high degree of success."


William Building Company

Just 1 Suggestion from You Saved Me Thousands of Dollars

“We were referred to Grant because one of his clients heard me complaining about the productivity of my staff. The first thing they helped us do was improve the effectiveness of our ads to attract more quality candidates. Then Grant gave me a couple suggestions that helped me take back control of the negotiations with a candidate, saving me thousands of dollars in payroll costs & assured the employee will be paid what he’s worth based on his performance.”


Home Painters Toronto

Just 1 Job Matched Employee Can Turn a Struggling Division into a Successful Division

"We used the top performer system along with Grant’s professional expertise to successfully recruit and hire a sales applicant for a division of our company that had been struggling. This was our first experience using the TOP performer system and it was very easy to use and gave us the information that we needed to make the right hiring decision. Using the surveys and the profile match saved us a lot of time and energy with matching the right person to our position. The profile information has proven to be extremely helpful both in the interview period and after we hired the individual with delivering training to match his particular style. We are very pleased and are grateful to be partnering with People values as we continue to move forward in our business."

Client Services & HR Manager,

Roof Life of Oregon

Cloning Out Best Technicians to Ensure Dependability & Customer Service

"After having bought a business in a new industry with many entry level positions, I needed to find a way to weed through many applicants to find the top performers that will stick with our company. Grant's recruiting and hiring system has helped us make sure that our candidates are dependable people we should be considering in the first place. The PXT Select assessment People Values provides, helps us make sure that our new hires are going to learn at the pace we require, be able to follow our processes and ensure customer satisfaction. It’s not a fool proof system and not every hire has been retained, but we’re still very happy with the results of the assessments and Grant’s system."


On Time Pool Service 

Job Matching Will Help You Work 'On' Your Business, Rather than 'In' Your Business

"I’ve realized, until I put the right people in every position of my company, I’ll continue working much harder than I should have to. I now have a system to find more qualified people & only hire the ones that will exceed not just my, but our customer’s expectations."


Clearly Windows

Believe the Assessment & Not Your Gut... They're Never Wrong

"We were referred to People Values by another contractor using these services. We've found that the surveys are pretty darn accurate. When we have to let someone go, we either neglected to do one in the first place or we tried to overlook something we hoped wasn't true about the candidate... bur really was. It's uncanny."


Richardson & Richardson Construction

If You Don’t Want to Settle for Mediocre Employees… Job Match

"I wanted to take a moment to share my experience I have recently had working with Grant Robinson of People Values.  Grant and I have been talking over the past few months and he has provided me with not only outstanding customer service, but essential and accurate hiring advice.  I had been referred to Grant through another peer and began a dialogue with him well before I was ready to use his service.  I must have had at least 1/2 a dozen phone calls with Grant and quite a few emails before I ever purchased anything.  When I was finally ready to use his service to validate a candidate I felt I wanted to seriously consider, Grant was there for me.  I really appreciated the time he spent walking me through the process and the professional way he educated me along the way.  It was really amazing to see it all come together.  If you are looking to hire the best in your business and won’t settle for having mediocre employees on your team, Grant and People Values will help you every step along the way.  I would be happy to refer them to anyone I know looking to hire top performers in their business.  Thanks Grant, I look forward to working with you again soon….  I have worked with Grant Robinson from People Values for the past 3 or 4 years and would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to grow their business, work less and make more. By helping me identify and hire the right people, Grant has allowed me to take my business to the next level. The difference having the right people in my business has made is significant. Thank you Grant, looking forward to many more years working with you and People Values!"


Carter Painting

No Interpretation Required to Understand or Implement Suggestions Immediately

"The assessments that you offer have helped JH Bennett & Co make the best decisions in aligning the right people to the right job descriptions. We have used other assessments before and it pales in comparison to the accuracy and breadth of information that we derive from your assessments. Also, the user friendly reporting enables us to understand and implement the information so that we can benefit from it immediately."

HR Manager,

JH Bennett & Company, Inc.

Never Hire Without Assuring Company Culture & Job Fit

"In 2007, I was referred to Grant and People Values by one of his clients in Fort Wayne, IN. They had been using his pre-employment and Job Matching tools to hire since 2001, so I figured they were worth checking out. By watching Grant’s video, I discovered secrets to not only hire the right people, but improve the productivity of the people already on my team. I’ll never hire another employee without assuring they fit our company culture and the job."


ABC Equipment Rental & Sales

Job Matching is the Hiring System Needed to Continually Grow Your Business

"My Operations Manager & I attended the clinic because we need to stop making bad hires. They are holding our business back. We now have a great foundation to attract more of the right people without hoping they find our print or online ads. Even better, we’ve improved our interviewing skills to increase our odds of hiring right the first time. If you don’t have a system to get the right people in your business, this is a good place to start."

Franchise Owner,


Yet Another Satisfied Client Highly Recommends Job Matching... & Of Course Grant

"People Values has helped us screen our future employees. Grant's met with us to give us personal time to go over the results of the testing he provides and thoroughly explain what the results mean. We continue to use Grant's service and would highly recommend him."


Media Design Solutions

An Awesome System to Continually Improve the Performance of Existing Employees

"The TOP Performance website is a great value for the investment. We invested in it because it is time we create a standard for hiring & a way to measure it. We now have the skills to train our new hires properly and a system to continually improve the performance of existing employees now and in the future."


Sunset Builders Inc.

New Fox Logo.gif
Hiring Competent & Productive Inspectors for Over 10 Years

"I first heard about Grant through an interview on a CD I got from another business management coaching program. It sounded like he had a good personnel management system we could use to hire a more productive team. We started using the People Values’ employee assessments in 2010. They are far more in-depth than any other option we’ve seen in that we can assure a candidate not only has the behaviors to be successful in the job, but also the intellect to learn our unique processes and the interests to be satisfied in their career and job long term."


Fox Inspection Group

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