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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Over 50,000 business leaders Job Match to improve the selection, development and retention of TOP Performers. Below is what some of our clients (& partners of Profiles International) say about the benefits of working with People Values, our service, tools & using the assessments we provide by Profiles International.

Note:  Many of our clients have refused to provide comments, not because they aren’t satisfied and more successful using our employee selection and development tools, but because they just don’t want their competitors (like you) knowing what their secret weapon is. Be assured, we’ll offer you the same anonymity in the future when you are Job Matching TOP Performers and leaving your competitors in your dust…

Automotive Testimonials:
13 Years of Continual Growth & Hiring Success with People Values' Help

"We first met Grant 13 years ago when an industry consultant invited him to educate our 20 Group on successful hiring strategies. We we tired of employing people that were holding our business back with their reliability and teamwork issues. As soon as we started using the assessments, there was an improvement in our business culture. We still use the assessments 13 years later because they work."


14/69 Auto Body

It's a Good (& Bad) Thing that the Job Matching Reports are 100% Accurate

"Our business coach referred us to People Values because it was time to replace an underperforming employee. After using the TOP Performance System to create productivity standards, we Job Matched a new Technician that is exceeding our expectations… We also used the Profile to assess another Technician we had just hired. Among other things, the report told us this individual was going to be a very slow learner, was not assertive at all and we’d need to continually manage him because of a low “independence” score. Unfortunately, the report again has proven to be 100% accurate. We will never hire another employee without Job Matching first."


TC Motorsports

Getting the Right People in the Right Seat of the Bus

"Working with People Values has been one of the best things our company has ever done. We now are on track with getting everyone sitting in the right seat on the bus."


AutoHound Collision Center

Producing More Revenue with Fewer Technicians

"Grant Robinson and his company People Values have been an incredible asset to our company. We use the step one survey and the job match profile in our hiring process. We have with Grant's help and coaching been able to hire and coach top performers, producing more revenue than last year with 1 less technician. Thank You Grant... Thank you also for insisting I invest in the TOP Performance Center. The best part for me is that we are provided a position training manual & performance review system to work with our new hires & present employees. I am confident that within six months this shop will be staffed with top performers in every position."


Kern's Complete Automotive

Know if an Employee Will Perform... Before Hiring Them

"..., I really wasn't sure what you could do to improve our business. Was I ever wrong! After we started using the Profiles Sales Indicator, we found that we had been making the same mistake that everyone also does, hiring on 'gut feel' and training everyone as if they were all alike. The Sales Indicator has helped us to know our people as individuals and what specific training and coaching we can do to help then perform at their peak. It also has empowered us with the information of what makes a top-performer for Town North Mazda so that when we go to hire now sales people, we are no longer taking a chance, we KNOW if they can perform for us BEFORE we hire them. The use of the Sales Indicator in conjunction with the Step One Survey is giving us valuable information that was previously unavailable."

Sales Manager,

Town North Mazda

Shorten the Process of Finding Ideal Employees
Over a Decade of Success of Hiring & Developing the Right People in Auto Collision

"I first became familiar with Grant and his company People Values in 1999. Grant introduced my clients and myself to his employee evaluation services through a series of meetings and introductory seminars. My clients liked what they heard and immediately started using the services of employee evaluations and testing. We then moved into actual employee job benchmarking. This process allowed my clients to better understand practical and concrete steps to hiring that they were not using before. The entire process was smooth and paid high benefits right away. In fact I still have many clients that have been with Grants program since it's introduction to them in 1999. I would not hesitate in recommending Grant for seminars, employee testing and consulting. This is a man with a mission that is helping employers make the right decisions every time especially in employee development and hiring practices."

Auto-Collision Consultant

After Previous Assessments Fail... Now Matching People to Culture as Well as Job

"Your system is the best investment I have ever made. It has shortened the process of finding our ideal employees considerably. I have found much better employees than I did before on my own."


Standard Auto Care

Job Matching Proved the Error in "Gut Feel" Hiring & Produced Amazing Results

"I have living proof that your testing program works… I was tremendously impressed with one person and was ready to hire him. Then I followed your advice and tested him. He would have been a mistake… Another gentleman did not display as commanding a presence as the first prospect, yet had an air of sincerity about him. Your testing program showed him to be outstanding. I hired [him], and the results are amazing. Without your testing, I would have relied on my own ‘gut instincts’ and would have made a terrible mistake."

General Manager,

Allen Samuels Mercedes-Benz

"People Values has been a great resource for us for the WHOLE package; writing a better ad and position description, creating benchmarks for success in all positions, and screening for culture and job fit. Although we had used assessments for four years, we had not created-nor adhered to-culture-fit and benchmarking. We believe the combination of all three; Culture-Fit, Benchmarking the Position, and Job Matching assure a much better match-and SUCCESS-for the employee AND us!"

HR Manager,

Transmission Rebuild Center

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