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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Over 50,000 business leaders Job Match to improve the selection, development and retention of TOP Performers. Below is what some of our clients (& partners of Profiles International) say about the benefits of working with People Values, our service, tools & using the assessments we provide by Profiles International.

Note:  Many of our clients have refused to provide comments, not because they aren’t satisfied and more successful using our employee selection and development tools, but because they just don’t want their competitors (like you) knowing what their secret weapon is. Be assured, we’ll offer you the same anonymity in the future when you are Job Matching TOP Performers and leaving your competitors in your dust…

Business & Professional Services
Business & Professional Services Testimonials:
Grant (& People Values)... 'The Warren Buffet of Hiring'

     "Before working with Grant, we were driving in a deep fog and just hiring whatever the recruiters brought us. It was hit and miss. When I first learned about the People Values program I was very skeptical. Our H/R firm already did background checks and personality profiles and they did not seem to have any impact on the people we got or the decisions we made. But from the advice of a colleague and after listening to Grant speak and then watching his video, I started to warm up to the idea. So we tried our first test.

     I was impressed with the detail and the apparent accuracy of the documents that came from the system mainly because I did the test myself and found some great feedback and information. However, we tried it on a new hire and it came back no match at 34%. But the guy did a fantastic interview. He had valid and professional responses for every question we asked including some that were suggested from the report (the interview questions automatically created from the report are awesome but more on that later). So I really did not like what the report was telling me on this prospect. I called Grant to get an explanation and he was very professional and very logical about the entire thing. Sounded very much like he hears that all the time. So he did the best he could to describe why we should not hire that candidate. We did anyway based on our gut. Two months later we fired that person. I had to laugh just to keep from crying but the entire two months I observed almost every single weakness described in the report. It was uncanny.

     After our experience, I shared the result with Grant and he was again very professional and logical (and not arrogant about it at all). He empathized with our experience and explained again how the report and the testing should be used for the hiring process. This time I got it. I had direct experience with the details on the indicators and the profiles and now had a very good understanding of how to better follow the information. And I emphasize the word follow because I have learned to trust in Grant and his system because it has been accurate over and over again.

    In the case I described above, I can directly account for $15,000 is lost dollars to our company because we ignored what the indicators were telling us and what Grant recommended to us. Since then I cannot count how much money has been saved and made by getting the right people the first time and passing on the wrong ones. We now purchase profiles in bulk to stay prepared for future hires. The People Values System is extremely valuable to me and our corporation. Real dollars are returned and real time is saved using this system.

     If you could get 15 minutes with Warren Buffet on how to make money in stocks you would take it. Well Grant is the Warren Buffet of the hiring space and any company that is trying to grow and get the correct people on staff should be using this system. I am glad I found this system and this guy because it has now become an integral part of our process and it has become a unique secret of success in our company."



Couldn’t Imagine Growing from 10 to 50+ Employees Without Job Matching

"I was referred to People Values by a business consultant I know through GKIC.  We were in the middle of expanding our staff size due to explosive growth in our industry because of some awards we had won.  The Job Matching Assessments have helped us grow from 10 to over 50 productive, team-oriented employees and become a dominating leader in our market.  We’ve considered other assessments as we’ve continued to grow but have stayed with People Values because this is the only assessment we’ve found that assesses competency and interests along with personality to provide a much more powerful tool in hiring, training and developing team members."


Jimmy Marketing

"How I Ruined a Great Team Member
& Then Recovered Stronger"

     "After 10 minutes in our weekly meeting, it was clear that this team member had accomplished virtually nothing from the project list of 7 days ago. I was fairly new to leadership in this company. This person across the desk from me was one of our most senior and valuable team members. I had studied this team member’s work and it was excellent. I had decided the previous week that I wanted this team member to move toward a larger role.

     The prior week, I had given them tasks for the week and I had also outlined exactly how those tasks fit into the larger projects. I also shared how those projects were going to develop over the next few weeks and how it all fit into the strategic plan. I was grooming this team member to become more.

     But now, I had a team member who seemed that they didn’t even work the prior week except on a few very minimal tasks. I went to the CEO who had experience with this team member and told him what had happened. He told me that I need to pay much more attention to the team evaluations from People Values. Grant and his team had profiles and management attributes for every team member and management. The CEO even had our vendors do the assessments if it was a consultant or one person operation.

     Upon reviewing the employee assessment, the answer was staring me right in the face. The People Values assessment indicated that the team member could do just about anything we asked, (I remembered that part) and it also clearly indicated that the team member would be easily overwhelmed and to only give them a few tasks at a time and be mindful for overwhelm. In some cases, the overwhelm would result in shutting down.

     After three plus decades of leading teams, I have always relied on process and instinct to gauge how to manage team members. While my instinct has proven to be excellent, it has not been perfect. Having assets like the People Values tools boosted my skills, confidence and efficacy as a leader.  To paraphrase American Express, “Don’t run your company without it.”

Operations Manager,

Dominate Web Media

Consultants to the Fastest Growing Businesses Refer their Clients to People Values

"People Values has been a great resource for my clients. The type of system that Grant & his team developed is one of the most powerful best practices we have added to the 'Best Practices of High Performance Entrepreneurs.' As consultants to the fastest growing businesses in North America, HPE Advisors rates these services as a CRITICAL need for High Performance Entrepreneurs."

Author, Business & Financial Advisor

Job Matching for Every Opening from Front Desk to Shipping to Sales

"Grant's system has helped us streamline our entire hiring process.  It now takes a lot less of our time to attract candidates & hire a productive person.  The success of our new hires for more than 12 years now has me sold on Grant and using Job Matching for every job opening we'll ever have.  We know a lot of consultants offering similar products, but Grant’s system is the best."

Co-Owner & Sales Manager,

3D Mail Results

Job Matching is “Far More Than a
Personality Test”

“People Values’ Pre-Employment Integrity Survey and Job Matching Profile Benchmarking Survey are a key component of our hiring process.  The profile benchmarking survey is of particular benefit, as it allowed us to identify the key characteristics and skills of our top performers and then compare all future candidates against those!  Amazing.  Plus, the report I get explains the gaps of a candidate against that benchmark, as well as tips for how to coach her/him as the manager/supervisor!  Far more than a personality test, these surveys provide validated insights about a candidate to help decide if we should make an offer of employment.”

Owner & President,

Ergo Fit Consulting, Inc.

Based on the Cost of Replacing 1 Employee... Job Matching Pays for Itself

"At one point we had a turnover rate of 40 percent. With the aid of the Profile XT and the Step One Survey II assessment, we've reduced turnover to 29 percent. Based on the cost of replacing an employee, we have more than paid for the assessments."

General Manager,


96% Retention Rate of Satisfied Customers Through Exceeding Client's Expectations

"Grant has tremendous insight into the entire hiring process and subsequent post-hiring process. Yes, Grant has tremendous tools to help my clients do an exceptional job in hiring. The real important thing to know about People Values is that they are most responsive and always meets or exceeds my client's expectations. Outstanding!!!"

Yet Another Franchise Owner,


People Values is a 'Hiring Coach' to Business Coaches

"Knowing I am hiring the right person for the job is a critical aspect in any business. It's nice to know I have a reliable tool and service from Grant Robinson and People Values that assist myself, and my clients, in making proper hiring decisions. Thanks so much Grant for all the work you do on our behalf."

Franchise Owner,


Accurate Reports are Well Worth the Added Cost of Job Matching

"We have worked with People Values for several years. W have continued to Job Matching because we like the results. The accuracy is amazing… The added cost of the assessment as a hiring tool is well worth the investment."


Save A LOT of Money by Continually Hiring The Right People

"We have worked with Grant for several years. We keep coming back to his pre-employment evaluations (frankly,) because they work. It is hard to say how much money we have saved by hiring the right people, but I know that with Grant's help, the number is quite large."

Sales Manager, 

Star Moving Systems

Time is Money - Save Time by NOT Interviewing the Wrong People Anymore

"People Values services gave me a greater insight into job applicants that I would not have gained on my own. Their services and surveys saved me a lot of wasted time and money by not interviewing the wrong people. Ultimately, they have increased my chances at hiring the right person for the job."

Franchise Owner,

Environment Control

Ask Candidates Critical Questions in an Objective, Fair, Non-Threatening Manner

"What a wonderful tool! The Profiles are so easy to administer and so inexpensive to use... The SOS helps us assess qualities that are critical to our company, in an objective, fair, non-threatening manner. We have definitely been grateful to be able to screen out some applicants with poor SOS scores that otherwise looked great on paper. The second-level assessments, including the Sales Indicator, Customer Service Survey and the Performance Indicator, have helped us make sure of the fit between applicants and our open positions..."

HR Manager,

CTR Systems

People Values Aids Business Coaches in Making them More Valuable to their Clients
More Than Just Assessment Reports... A Partnership to Meet Your Goals

"With the help from People Values, we are now able to hire based on measured responses to establish a job match. It gives us an additional dimension which we haven't had before. Grant Robinson was there to hold our hand through the entire process - he was great."

General Manager,

Yett Management NW Inc

Saving $30,000 Per Mishire - What Would This do for Your Bottom-Line?

"We have calculated the dollar cost of turnover over an associate after six months to be about $30,000. It is impossible to estimate the emotional cost to our team when we lost someone we have grown to like as a person."

General Manager,

Dale Carnegie Training

"It has been a pleasure working with Grant Robinson and his staff for the past five years. I utilize Grant's behavior and values reports along with his 7 Step job matching system to help business owners take control of their team and proper job placement. These tools have proven themselves to be accurate and invaluable to my clients success."

Yet Another Franchise Owner,


Another Skeptical Manager Becomes a 'Raving Fan' of the TOP Performance Center

"We've never had an employee review process before and knew we needed one. Even after my boss purchased your system, I was skeptical the TOP Performance Center would be able to help us develop anything better than what we could do ourselves. That was until I spent a couple hours on the site and customized Job Descriptions and an Employee Review process for every position in our company. We're very pleased with the website. It's an excellent product."

Office Manager / HR Manager,

Diana's Cleaning Service

On-Line Assessments Give the Ability to Interview Candidates... Wherever They Are

"Since we started using Profiles Sales Indicator for pre-employment screening for sales employees, we've been very happy. Because the test is online, we find it easy to use. We test all applicants and make better hiring decisions, giving us a better workforce. We are very happy with the service."


Swedish Match North America

Referring Clients to People Values for 12 Years Because of Integrity & Honesty

"I have known Grant for 15 years and his integrity and honesty in business is outstanding. Being in the HR field his opinion and tools he uses to determine capabilities and qualifications are above reproach. I would recommend him and his services to anyone."


The Performance Marketing Group

No Longer Using the Traditional Hiring Method After a Costly Mishire

"...3 years ago we had established a well qualified search committee including members with staffing industry, management and recruiting expertise. We made our choice to hire a candidate based on a good resume, industry experience and apparent skills, that person ended up not being a good fit.

Unfortunately, the search committee shortcut the Profile process and we learned months later that the candidate was not able to perform adequately. That decision caused severe distress to our organization and we did experience frustration, pain and financial loss!

This time the HR committee developed a functional job description and a Profile Benchmark of the 'Right Person'. Each candidate took The Profile Assessment and the results were very revealing, showing clear and significant differences between the 3 candidates. These results caused the HR committee to reassess the critical requirements of the position...

I look forward to utilizing the Profile Coaching Report you recently presented to the HR committee in helping us with our ongoing relationship with our new Executive Director."


Sales and Marketing Executives – Minneapolis/St. Paul

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