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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Over 50,000 business leaders Job Match to improve the selection, development and retention of TOP Performers. Below is what some of our clients (& partners of Profiles International) say about the benefits of working with People Values, our service, tools & using the assessments we provide by Profiles International.

Note:  Many of our clients have refused to provide comments, not because they aren’t satisfied and more successful using our employee selection and development tools, but because they just don’t want their competitors (like you) knowing what their secret weapon is. Be assured, we’ll offer you the same anonymity in the future when you are Job Matching TOP Performers and leaving your competitors in your dust…

Healthcare Testimonials:
Job Matching Eliminates Judging Applicant's Demeanor to Hire (& soon after replacing)

"I've been self employed since 1992 and have never used a service like this. I guess that's why I haven't been able to keep an employee longer than three years. I was the typical hiring owner where I judged the applicant within the first 30 seconds of the interview based on smile, dress attire, eye contact, education and most of all attitude. I thought I was following the right methods. Little did I know about the “real” hiring process until I watched your video.. My recent hire fit our benchmark like a glove and she is exceeding all of our expectations. In addition, the supportive materials you provided to fine-tune her work habits will bring further value to my clinic. I can't say enough about the Job Matching Process. The less than $300 I spent is nothing compared to the money I'll make from this awesome hire!"

Dr. & Owner,

MySpine - Scoliosis & Posture Center

One Step Closer to TOP Performers in Every Position

"The workshop was definitely an eye opener relative to cost of turnover and lost revenue by not hiring Top Performers every time. I have been very pleased with the insight I have gained by using People Values' Step One Survey, pre-employment integrity assessment. Use of this tool alone has brought us one step closer to hiring top performers every time."

Practice Manager,

Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Goes from Skeptic to Job Matching Fan After His Most Productive Staff Ever is Hired

"I had used what I thought was a similar service in the past but it did not help us recruit or hire any better employees. After being referred to People Values by a few friends and other doctors, I gave Job Matching a shot having skepticism it would actually work for my new clinic. Boy was I wrong. Our first two hires, a tech and a front desk person, became my most productive employees ever. I've continued to use these services to staff another clinic and referred People Values to other dentist that need to Job Match."

Dr. & Owner,

Tiger Mountain Dentistry

“We Love Knowing How Well a Candidate is Going to Perform… Before We Even Hire Them”

"“We first met Grant when he was a patient of our business.  He invited me to attend a local GKIC Mastermind Group with him where I realize most of the businesses in the room were using his system to hire and develop their team.  When it was time for us to hire and grow again, we started Job Matching too.  We love knowing how well a candidate is going to perform before we even hire them.  Another benefit for a small business like our in using the system, is knowing whether employees will have conflict with each other and exactly what the issues may be if we don’t manage them effectively."

Operations Manager,

Hen Sen Herbs

People Values' Offers the Best Leadership Development Tool on the Market

"The Checkpoint 360 is the best product in this category that I’ve used. As you know, this tool replaced another product that we had been using exclusively for almost two years. The managers and executives at Spectrum Healthcare Services (SHS) receive more valuable information in an easy to read, color-coded format, which encompasses everyone’s individual learning style. Not only is there validated feedback, but a comprehensive action plan that each person may use to implement change, based on the facts from their customized report."

HR Manager,

Spectrum Healthcare Services

A Dr. 'Cloning' Herself with Four New TOP Performers in the Last 7 Years

"I discovered the KEY and since have come to value and appreciate the support and service we've received from People Values in helping us to identify TOP performers amongst the many applicants for positions here at VTS. Thank You, Grant. You are enabling our success!"

Dr. & Owner,

Veterinary Transplant Service

Adding One Simple Step to a Hiring Process Quadruples Hiring Success Rates

"...The Profiles are easy to use, with all candidates doing a short on-line assessment questionnaire. The results are easily compared against know high performers, scores and reported, e-mailed to managers prior to first interview. Our interviewers report consistent and effective results using the suggested interview questions to guide them to those particular areas where matches are outside the know success parameters..."

HR Manager,

Ledford Medical

Job Matching is the Most Strategically Important Expenditure in Company Growth

"Our investment in The Profiles Assessment Center package was and continues to be the most strategically important expenditure in shaping and preparing our organization for the challenges of on-going change.

We are now an experienced user of Profiles’ assessment products with 3 years of practical knowledge about application of your validated instruments in the workplace.

We have established an assessment center utilizing and linking the following instruments that measure the “total person” so as to properly match the work with an individual:

  • Step One Survey

  • The Profile

  • The Profiles Performance Indicator

  • Profiles Team Analysis

  • Customer Service Survey

  • Career Coach

This holistic approach has rewarded our organization with people who match our purpose. Our approach to selecting “in” and retaining the right people, combined with the right work, has allowed for a team that can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

We continue to learn how to integrate your assessments with the “total person” development in a tailored manor. Continue your leadership in developing creative and proven assessments."

Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance, University of Texas (Houston) Health Science Center

Focusing on Business Growth Again with a More Dependable, Hard-Working & Motivated

"Our Doctor first learned about People Values from an interview where Grant was the guest speaker.  After watching your video, she realized why many of the people we’ve hired in the past failed to reach our expectations and decided to try out Job Matching.  We’re still working on “cloning” our top performer in every position of the business, but in the meantime we have been able to hire more dependable, hard-working and motivated team members allowing us to focus on growing the business."

Practice & HR Manager,

Clear Eye Doctors

Created a More Professional & Effective Recruiting / Hiring System in Just 20-Minutes

"I'm so glad I found Grant at People Values! Before them, I had a typical job description as my recruiting ad, and I surely wasn't attracting any good candidates. It was overwhelming and I was so frustrated, not knowing why I wasn't get any serious applicants. After having the phone call with Grant and getting logged into the Top Performance Center, I created my Recruiting Ad by filling in the easy-to-use blanks and then downloading the ad in only 20 minutes! It was super easy to use and the questions really helped me think about what amazing things I have to offer to a new employee. And then creating the perfect Job Description as a follow up step was just as easy... it was literally fill in the blank, and then download.  This entire process was very easy,  and made me think about my business and the hiring process in a totally different way - I had to "sell" the new recruit this position. Immediately after I posted the new recruiting ad, it attracted 2 new qualified candidates and we were able to go to the next steps in teh hiring process. That's how great the Top Performance System really works!  Thank you Grant for all your help and guidance - you truly care!"


Touch of Beauty Spa

No Costly Consultants Required to Administer & Generate Assessment Reports

"We were able to create and access our web portal for our candidates and ourselves with ease... The standard and custom reports proved to be consistent, accurate and included important aids to the interview and decision-making process."

HR Manager,

American College of Emergency Physicians State Chapter of California, Inc.

Assessing Temporary Agency's Candidates Cuts Turnover Rates in Half

"...Prior to including the Step One Survey in our direct labor recruiting process, Gambro used a temp-to-hire strategy though a temporary agency. The results of including this survey in our hiring process have been dramatic. We not only reduced our turnover from 61% to 27%, but for the first time in history, production lines are fully staffed. The reduction in turnover and increase in the quality of our workforce resulted in significant cost savings."

HR Manager,

Gambro BCT

Aid Your Managers in Identifying their Strengths & Weaknesses to Help Them Improve

"We find Checkpoint 360 helpful in leadership development. The assessment aids us in identifying strengths and weaknesses."

HR Manager,

Holy Family Memorial Hospital

'Cloning' Top Performers from Entry Level to Doctor

"Our company always uses the Performance Indicator when hiring new doctors. We've used it hundreds of times to identify whether or not a doctor has the right personality for the job. Now we encourage the company to use it for other leadership positions."

HR Manager,

Dental One

99.3% Success in Identifying & Hiring Productive (& Retainable) Team Members

"...Our experience with both The Profile and The Checkpoint 360 has been excellent.

We used The Profile when hiring 141 people in the 18 months following its implementation and all but one of these hiring decisions have proven to be excellent – resulting in an incredible 99.3% hit rate in terms of identifying and hiring productive and retainable team members.

The information provided by The Profile has been key to achieving such a high number of new hires who immediately settled into their roles as productive team members. As soon as we began to use The Profile in the hiring process we immediately got feedback from our trainers that those recruited with the aid of The Profile were much 'more trainable' and took to their responsibilities much more quickly. We are currently implementing programs to ensure that we make even more use of the Coaching, Training, and Succession Planning outputs of the Profile in the ongoing management and development of our people.

The Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback system gained great credibility when we initially piloted with a team of 25 of our most senior managers. Acceptance of the process was universal, and the response to quality and depth of information in the reports was extremely positive. What was most impressive was the manner in which the Checkpoint not only identified particular strengths or development needs for each of the participants, but also provided each of them with personalized development actions. For these reasons we are now rolling the Checkpoint out to a much wider audience."

HR Director,

VHI Healthcare

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