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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Over 50,000 business leaders Job Match to improve the selection, development and retention of TOP Performers. Below is what some of our clients (& partners of Profiles International) say about the benefits of working with People Values, our service, tools & using the assessments we provide by Profiles International.

Note:  Many of our clients have refused to provide comments, not because they aren’t satisfied and more successful using our employee selection and development tools, but because they just don’t want their competitors (like you) knowing what their secret weapon is. Be assured, we’ll offer you the same anonymity in the future when you are Job Matching TOP Performers and leaving your competitors in your dust…

Hospitality Testimonials:
Job Matching Sets the Standard for Excellence in Your Organization

"Working with People Values has taken our hiring process to the next level. It sets the standard for excellence and provides insightful information about a candidate’s personality that may not otherwise be discerned during an interview."

General Manager,

Everett Country Club

A Simple 20-Minute, On-Line Assessment Takes Turnover from 1,200% to Only 200%

"After just four months of using the Step One Reports as part of our application process, the annualized turnover rate for our cashiers in one of my stores went from 1,200% to 200% without any other changes to pay rates, management or shift schedules… Finally, we feel back in control of the hiring process…"


Jimmy’s Great American Diner

Job Matching Decrease Employee Theft, Tardiness & Absenteeism

"We currently use the Step One Survey as part of our screening procedure for hiring new applicants in all positions in every department of our business. As a result we have experienced a dramatic decrease in turnover as well as a substantial decrease in employee theft, tardiness and absenteeism. These improvements have no doubt translated into many dollars saved throughout the past year."

General Manager,

Mallard Creek Golf Course

Insure the Integrity of a Candidates... Before Even Meeting with Them

"...We began using the Step-One-Survey as a tool to help with pre-employment screening. We have found that this particular survey is excrementally helpful in saving time and ensuring that the integrity of the candidate meets our standards prior to scheduling an interview..."

General Manager,

The Resort at the Mountain

Record Breaking Customer Satisfaction Scores through Job Matching

"By selectively screening our potential hires and matching them with our profile for each position in the hotel, we have been able to make a significant impact on employee turnover. Our customer satisfaction scores are higher than they have ever been and we attribute that to the team that we have put into place."


Hampton Inn

Hiring Exceptional Customer Service People Leads to Compliments from Members

"It is without question that we have dramatically improved the quality and productivity of our staff over the past year. We are quick to give your products the credit for this dramatic improvement… It has been such a pleasure to hear the many compliments from our members and guests regarding the improvements we have made in our staff."

General Manager,

Chenal Country Club

Job Matching Gives You a 'Secret' Competitive Advantage Over Your Competition

"It is astounding the accuracy of these tests. My wife agreed with the majority of the results on my test. As I have used it to help in my hiring process, I have found it to add a dramatic edge to my interviewing arsenal."

General Manager,

Orange Cab

Tired of Wasting Time & Money on the Unmotivated & Unproductive? Start Job Matching

"In the year we started using Profiles International’s assessments, we decreased turnover by more than half. How? By using the tool to determine where a person fits best in our company. We are saving both time and money."

HR Manager,

The Wizards Cauldron

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