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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Over 50,000 business leaders Job Match to improve the selection, development and retention of TOP Performers. Below is what some of our clients (& partners of Profiles International) say about the benefits of working with People Values, our service, tools & using the assessments we provide by Profiles International.

Note:  Many of our clients have refused to provide comments, not because they aren’t satisfied and more successful using our employee selection and development tools, but because they just don’t want their competitors (like you) knowing what their secret weapon is. Be assured, we’ll offer you the same anonymity in the future when you are Job Matching TOP Performers and leaving your competitors in your dust…

Human Resource, Operation & Sales Manager Testimonials:
Hiring Right is Important… Avoiding Not So Perfect Matches is Even Better

"I have been working with Grant at People Values for about 5 years now, and my business has been working with him much longer. Grant is always incredibly quick to respond with any questions I may have, and is always willing to explain survey results on the phone or via email, whichever suits my needs. The value that People Values brings to my business is immeasurable because it has helped me find the best possible Team members for my retail store, as well as avoiding some not so perfect matches over the years. I would highly recommend Grant’s services at People Values to anyone who owns, manages, or hires people for a business."

Operations & HR Manager,

Jerrol's Books & Office Supplies

Just 1 Job Matched Employee Can Turn a Struggling Division into a Successful Division

"We used the top performer system along with Grant’s professional expertise to successfully recruit and hire a sales applicant for a division of our company that had been struggling. This was our first experience using the TOP performer system and it was very easy to use and gave us the information that we needed to make the right hiring decision. Using the surveys and the profile match saved us a lot of time and energy with matching the right person to our position. The profile information has proven to be extremely helpful both in the interview period and after we hired the individual with delivering training to match his particular style. We are very pleased and are grateful to be partnering with People values as we continue to move forward in our business."

Client Services & HR Manager,

Roof Life of Oregon

woodstone (1).gif
60% Turnover Rate to 9% in Only 4 Years (& that's before the recession - now 0% turnover)

"Before People Values, we had a 60% turnover rate & were skeptical whether you could help us. In the past four years, employee reliability & customer service have improved. Our turnover rate is now just 9%. There's been an improvement in the reliability and work ethic of our workforce. This has been a valuable tool in the hiring process which has resulted in an improvement in regards to reliability and work ethic with our new employees."

HR Manager,

Woodstone Credit Union

A True 'Partnership' to Have the Confidence in Every Hiring Decision

"'We are who we hire.' No one understands this better than People Values. Having them as part of our Team has give us such confidence in our hiring decisions. I couldn't imagine a recruiting program without People Values."

Co-Owner & Office Manager,

SR Design

Ask Candidates Critical Questions in an Objective, Fair, Non-Threatening Manner

"What a wonderful tool! The Profiles are so easy to administer and so inexpensive to use... The SOS helps us assess qualities that are critical to our company, in an objective, fair, non-threatening manner. We have definitely been grateful to be able to screen out some applicants with poor SOS scores that otherwise looked great on paper. The second-level assessments, including the Sales Indicator, Customer Service Survey and the Performance Indicator, have helped us make sure of the fit between applicants and our open positions..."

HR Manager,

CTR Systems

Job Matching Cuts Turnover by 49% & Saves $248,500 in Hiring Costs

"Over a three and half year period, our company's turnover was reduced by 49 percent, because we used the Step One Survey II. The savings we realized by hiring fewer people saved us almost a quarter of a million dollars... We started using Step One Survey in January 2001. The first year, turnover was high. The second and third years, it dropped substantially. Overall, we hired 33 percent fewer employees. We calculate that turnover costs $7,100 per employee. Since we hired 35 fewer people in 2002 and 2003, we saved $248,500."

HR Manager,

Centro, Inc.

Profile 'Coaching' Reports help Managers Continually Improve a Team's Performance

"...Our division recently had all of our employees complete the Profile Survey from Profiles International. We found it to be a very valuable assessment of our employees behavioral strengths and weaknesses. The assessments helped us to match the best candidates for the new jobs were were establishing in our division reorganization. The Management report is great because it helps you manage each person that reports to you better. The report tells you what motivates them, whether they prefer direction or prefer to work independently and how to interpret their various responses.

In my experience, one of the greatest challenges you face as a manager is hiring and keeping good employees. The Profile assessments are a wonderful tool to improve your success rate in this area. How many time have you hired what you thought was the right person for the job - He or she had great experience, skills or education - but, later found out the person could not work on a team or they were not a self-starter. These behavioral issues that different people bring to a job are key to their success in different jobs. The Profiles assessment actually point the behavior issues out for you. People can learn new skills, but they typically do not change their core behaviors and know this up front can save organizations a great deal of money on hiring, training and turnover issues."

Program Manager,

Technology and Economic Development Division, TEEX

When the Traditional Hiring Method Fails, Job Matching 'Clones' a TOP Performer

"...Recently we hired an engineer that went through our interview process. Within 3 to 6 months of hiring him, we sadly discovered that he wasn’t the person we thought we had hired. Although we feel this engineer has the right knowledge and education to do the job, he doesn’t have the appropriate behavioral traits we need for this position. Unfortunately, the decision to hire this engineer is costing the company a lot of money in lost productivity and in wasted training efforts and salary.

We were pleased to be introduced to the Profile XT. You took our best engineer, the one we would like to clone several times over, and assessed his thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interests. The in depth information we received in the reports generated from this assessment helped us determine exactly what we were looking for in our next engineer that we needed to hire. With that profile, we assessed a candidate we liked and found the placement report to be very concise in seeing how closely matched this candidate was to what we expected for the position. The interview questions the placement report provides assisted us in maintaining a well organized and effective interview process. The Profile XT will help us make more informed hiring decisions and help us coach and develop our employees more effectively.

We also used the Step One Survey with our administrative position. We were able to determine not to hire the candidate based on some admissions she made in the assessment we would not have otherwise known about until it would have been too late.

We gladly recommend the Profile XT and the Step One Survey to other companies looking to reduce their turnover, reduce the amount of poor hiring decisions and increase the effectiveness of the coaching and development of their employees."

Human Resource Manager,

Strata Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing

No Interpretation Required to Understand or Implement Suggestions Immediately

"The assessments that you offer have helped JH Bennett & Co make the best decisions in aligning the right people to the right job descriptions. We have used other assessments before and it pales in comparison to the accuracy and breadth of information that we derive from your assessments. Also, the user friendly reporting enables us to understand and implement the information so that we can benefit from it immediately."

HR Manager,

JH Bennett & Company, Inc.

99.3% Success in Identifying & Hiring Productive (& Retainable) Team Members

"...Our experience with both The Profile and The Checkpoint 360 has been excellent.

We used The Profile when hiring 141 people in the 18 months following its implementation and all but one of these hiring decisions have proven to be excellent – resulting in an incredible 99.3% hit rate in terms of identifying and hiring productive and retainable team members.

The information provided by The Profile has been key to achieving such a high number of new hires who immediately settled into their roles as productive team members. As soon as we began to use The Profile in the hiring process we immediately got feedback from our trainers that those recruited with the aid of The Profile were much 'more trainable' and took to their responsibilities much more quickly. We are currently implementing programs to ensure that we make even more use of the Coaching, Training, and Succession Planning outputs of the Profile in the ongoing management and development of our people.

The Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback system gained great credibility when we initially piloted with a team of 25 of our most senior managers. Acceptance of the process was universal, and the response to quality and depth of information in the reports was extremely positive. What was most impressive was the manner in which the Checkpoint not only identified particular strengths or development needs for each of the participants, but also provided each of them with personalized development actions. For these reasons we are now rolling the Checkpoint out to a much wider audience."

HR Director,

VHI Healthcare

After Previous Assessments Fail... Now Matching People to Culture as Well as Job

"People Values has been a great resource for us for the WHOLE package; writing a better ad and position description, creating benchmarks for success in all positions, and screening for culture and job fit. Although we had used assessments for four years, we had not created-nor adhered to-culture-fit and benchmarking. We believe the combination of all three; Culture-Fit, Benchmarking the Position, and Job Matching assure a much better match-and SUCCESS-for the employee AND us!"

HR Manager,

Transmission Rebuild Center

Job Matching Eliminates the Need to Interview Substandard Candidates

"The Step One Survey is used as a prescreening tool by our supervisors before interviews are scheduled which has helped eliminate candidates who would have been extended for an interview prior to use of this test. The Preview has helped us achieve a job match that reflects an 80% retention factor on the employees hired in the past year."

HR Manager,

Time Warner Cable

Help Managers Improve Performance With Fair & Broad Based Feedback

"...I would like to express how pleased we are with the Prevue Assessment (original Profile XT) and the Checkpoint 360 Feedback Program. Both tools have proven to be beneficial to our organization in a very short period of time. We have used the Prevue to assess internal candidates for a lead person position. The results had an impact on the interviewing team and caused us to change our minds on candidates. All of us believe that we chose the right person thanks to the Prevue Assessment.

Currently, our entire management team is going through the Checkpoint 360 Feedback program. We have found this to be an excellent way to provide fair and broad based feedback. The system has also helped in creating development plans once the feedback is completed. We truly believe that this process will assist our managers in reaching the next level of performance which ultimately affects the entire organization.

Any company interested in developing their human resources should take advantage of the above mentioned programs..."

Human Resources Manager,

Traex Division of Menasha Corporation

Get a Grip on Employee Turnover.. & Continual Advice on Hiring Strategies

"Profile XT helps us get a grip on employee turnover. The assessment also helps us get people in the right job. Since using Profile XT, we've decreased turnover in certain areas. We have no complaints and found Profiles' training very useful."

HR Manager,

National American University

Recruiting Higher Quality Candidates & Growing Faster with the Job Matching System

“We were referred to you by an industry expert because we were hiring and we wanted to make sure those we hired would help us improve sales and grow our business.  Since partnering, we’ve developed Recruiting Ads that attract higher quality candidates, a written HR System & have filled open positions with the right people.”

HR Manager,

DialONE  Johnson's Plumbing, Cooling & Heating

Pinpoint the Exact Reason Your Teams Struggle to Produce & Help Them Improve

"We conducted a series of benchmark tests by running the PTA on three different project teams that were disbanded months earlier. Each of the teams had distinct challenges regarding composure, attitude towards the customer, emotions and other non-technical issues. Profiles Team Analysis pinpointed exactly the same challenges as were demonstrated during the teams existence. Had we know before, what we learned after the fact, these team’s ability to perform effetely could have been greatly enhanced."

HR Manager,

Giffin International

Job Matching Sets the Standard for Excellence in Your Organization

"Working with People Values has taken our hiring process to the next level. It sets the standard for excellence and provides insightful information about a candidate’s personality that may not otherwise be discerned during an interview."

General Manager,

Everett Country Club

0 (3).jpg
Once a Job Matching Skeptic, Manager Continues to Improve Sales

"We have been using People Values for several years now for our hiring process. I am consistently amazed how on spot the assessments are in predicting an employees' traits – strength, weaknesses, and personality. I was recently reminded of this as I just hired a new sales representative. The pre-employment assessments described him well, I knew exactly what I was getting and with the help of the coaching guidelines provided, I was able to train and coach so that his predisposition is addressed. He is doing very well and I expect him to continue to do so as all of our other hires have been since partnering with People Values."

Sale Manager,

American Retail Supply

Focusing on Business Growth Again with a More Dependable, Hard-Working & Motivated

"Our Doctor first learned about People Values from an interview where Grant was the guest speaker.  After watching your video, she realized why many of the people we’ve hired in the past failed to reach our expectations and decided to try out Job Matching.  We’re still working on “cloning” our top performer in every position of the business, but in the meantime we have been able to hire more dependable, hard-working and motivated team members allowing us to focus on growing the business."

Practice & HR Manager,

Clear Eye Doctors

“We Love Knowing How Well a Candidate is Going to Perform… Before We Even Hire Them”

"“We first met Grant when he was a patient of our business.  He invited me to attend a local GKIC Mastermind Group with him where I realize most of the businesses in the room were using his system to hire and develop their team.  When it was time for us to hire and grow again, we started Job Matching too.  We love knowing how well a candidate is going to perform before we even hire them.  Another benefit for a small business like our in using the system, is knowing whether employees will have conflict with each other and exactly what the issues may be if we don’t manage them effectively."

Operations Manager,

Hen Sen Herbs

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