​​Job Matching Assessment - Try Out

Below are directions for a Profile Assessment. The on-line survey has six sections and will take between 30-60 minutes.

Note: Complete the survey honestly without over-analyzing the questions. The best response is usually the one that first comes to mind. Please work quickly and respond to ALL questions. If your answer is not immediately clear, just select the answer that would be correct most of the time.

When you are ready, please click on the following link to enter our Assessment Center:



(If clicking doesn't work, copy and paste the link into your web browser address window, or re-type it there. Or, if you are prompted to enter an Entry Key, please enter s27dnjmwyd)

If this is your first time here, you will be asked to create a password for re-entry. Please make sure you save this email and your new password in a safe place. You will need both the link above and your password to re-enter the site.

With questions or problems completing your survey, call 425-282-5090


You will (or already have) received these directions by email just in case you need to log off and return to the site.  The link above will be in the email to get you back into the Assessment Center and to the exact question you left off on!


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