Would You Like to Help Your Clients Solve the #1 Issue in Business Today & Become Even More Productive (& Profitable)?

 If So, I'll Reward You For it with
Exposure to Potential Clients, Referrals & $$$...

If you haven't watched the video above yet, I hope you'll do so before reading the rest of this webpage...

You may be asking:  So what do I really want from you?

Well, in 2000, I created a step-by-step system to help small business leaders solve the #1 issue in business today... finding, hiring and developing productive team. 

Since then, we've worked with thousands of small business owners and managers to hire the right people to improve the reliability, motivation, teamwork, productivity, etc. of their team.  We've actually been involved in the decision to hire (or not) for over 20,000 candidates over the past 20 years.  

Bottom line is:  I want to pay you to refer your clients (newsletter subscribers, social media contacts, etc.) to our FREE Educational On-line "3 1/2 Secrets to Hire & Develop Your Most Productive (& Profitable) Staff Ever" Video that plays at our website 24 / 7.  Here is a link to our homepage to view it yourself:  www.PeopleValues.com.  

Your client & contacts will also be able to download my free books at the website we create for you.  


Here is What Your Referrals Will Learn in Our Video:  

  • The 3 1/2 Small Business HR Secrets of Developing a TOP Performing Staff (that they're probably not using)

  • Why most of the people they've hired in the past failed to product to their expectations

  • Exactly what it will take to eliminate the "people problems" holding them and their business back

  • How to have peace-of-mind that their business stays productive even when they're not there

  • The main reason they spend the majority of their time micromanaging employees

  • Bonus - The #1 Secret of TOP Performing Organizations & how they quadruple their odds of hiring the right person to 85%... the first time

  • Extra Bonus... Everybody that watches the video gets free gifts valued at $649.47


So How Will Partnering Benefit You?

Once your clients start solving their costly "People Problems" by hiring the right people and developing their underachievers, they'll finally be able to concentrate on all the things that you are teaching them to do to improve their profitability.  

It's been our experience in partnering with advisers like you, that only until your clients solve their HR Issues & finally free up their time, can they clearly see how valuable you are to them.  Until then, they are stuck micromanaging under-performers and not able to implement all of the strategies and systems you're helping them with.  

The drastic improvement to their business (& lives) will improve your client retention, longevity, number of referrals and bottom-line.  

To assure we're the kind of company you'd be comfortable referring your clients to, see over 100 testimonials here!


Another Reason You'd Want to Refer Clients to Our Website...
How About Some Extra $$$$$


As mentioned above, just for referring your clients, newsletter subscribers, colleagues, social media connections, etc. to our website, you'll receive 10% of our sales (initial and residual).

And that's all you have to do... NO purchasing product, NO selling, NO answering questions, NO consulting, etc.  My staff does all of that and I just send you a check in the mail for referring the client to us.


Besides Thousands of Extra Dollars in Your Bank Account, Here are Other Benefits of Partnering Together:

  • You can submit articles or promote your services / events, etc. to our LinkedIn Group full of salespeople, managers, corporate executives and small business owners

  • Receive greater exposure to potential clients by being listed as a resource on our website and our TOP Performance Adviser's Guide

  • Get more referrals from satisfied clients and improve your client retention as your customers become more productive (& profitable)


Getting 10% of Our Sale Just for Referring People to Our Website is a Pretty Good Deal, Isn't it?

By using my system, our clients have continued to grow... in every economic situation over the past 20-years.

If you know of any business leaders that needs to find, hire and develop a more dependable, motivated and productive team, you could get checks just for directing them to our website... like:

  • Travis, a Marketing Adviser, recently received checks on new clients from 18 leads he referred to our website by reprinting my articles in his subscription newsletter. 

  • Randy, an Auto Collusion Industry Adviser, continues to receive residual checks on four clients he referred to us 17-years ago.

  • Keith, a previous client that sold his business and is now a Management Consultant, markets Job Matching in his program, by teleseminar and email marketing.  In the past 12-years, we've provided Keith a check almost every month for 25+ client referrals.

  • Hal, a Client & Consultant to Construction / Engineering Companies, answered a question from an HR Manager on an online chat board & referred the individual to our website to watch the video.  When they became a client, he received a check for $1,603 by surprise in the mail.  

  • Jason, a Business Coach, referred a CPA firm to my website & received $485

  • Corey, a Financial Planner, mentioned our website in a seminar & received $813 for referring an Electrical Engineering company & a Janitorial Service company to our website.

  • Rolf, a Client & Retail Sales Coach, had me come speak to a small group (just 6 people) & received $1,048 when a Restaurant, Hospitality Business, Home Cleaning Service & Consultant decided to use our services.  

  • Michael, a CPA & Law Firm Mastermind Leader, had me travel to speak at their quarterly meeting to 12 small business owners.  The five attendees with employees (& employee issues), all decided to partner with People Values. 

  • Added Bonus... Jolyn, a Client & Merchant Service Provider, received 9 very interested leads (& 5 new clients) within a few weeks of being mentioned as a new Joint Venture Partner in my newsletter.

And there are many other successful partnership stories like these...  If you want to see testimonials, just let me know.  


How to Get Started & Become Partners:

Because you have a website, client list, publish a blog, send out a newsletter, are active on social media and host meetings like the respected advisers I partner with, you could make yourself a much more valued asset to your clients (& add hundreds -or thousands- of dollars to your bottom line).  

And I have a way for you to Start Today!

If you are still not sure and want to learn more about our FREE Affiliate Partnership Program, call my direct line (425-282-5090) or Email me anytime at Grant@PeopleValues.com.  

Then again, if you are ready to become partners, boost your bottom-line and would like to benefit from exposure to more potential clients...

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