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1. Introduction To Our Service
2. Preparation
3. Recruiting a TOP Performer
4. Selecting a TOP Performer
5. Fee Structure
6. Our Guarantee

You have most likely found to hire a TOP Performer, it takes more than a well written recruiting ad in your local newspaper or a general web-board.  The truth is, only 3 to 10% of TOP Performing executives are recruited passively.

The preparation, recruitment and selection process takes you away from what you should be concentrating on; satisfying customers, developing business and improving revenues.  Our search process allows you to concentrate on business as we actively recruit individuals that fit your culture, team and the job… guaranteed*.

Typically, employment agencies charge a flat fee to find and place an employee that may, or may not, succeed.  Their rates can be as much as 30% of an annual salary for another gamble on “Job Fit” and future success (that's around $13-30+K for a management position)

With our "Executive Search & Find Program" we have taken the gamble, chance and luck out of the hiring equation with our “Job Fit” expertise, provide a flat fee for recruiting your next TOP Performer and a guarantee that they will match your culture, team and the job before (& after) hiring them.



1.  TOP Performance Blueprint

The "Top Performance Blueprint" is a job description, benchmark and employee review process all rolled into one.  The first part of this process is, In just about 30-60 minutes of work on your part, you provide us the information to create the standards for the position. We then create all of the documents to be used in recruiting, selecting, training, developing and retaining a TOP Performer.



1.  We use a variety of sources

Depending on the position, we will use active sources and proven passive strategies to recruit at least 5 qualified candidates.  You don't have to do anything but give us a week or two to come up with some people for you to meet with in a group interview setting.

2.   Work along side us

Through your networking connections, you may be able to find candidates who fit your benchmark.  If you end up hiring a candidate you recruited on your own, you do not owe us the "Selection" portion of our fee.  However, you may decide to continue working on developing business and leave the recruiting up to the professionals with the guarantee* the chosen candidate will succeed.



1.  Phone Screening

The first thing we'll do after reviewing resumes is to perform phone screens.  This helps us assure the candidate has the communication skill required to perform the job.

2.  Culture & Team Fit  

There are a variety of methods to insure a candidate fits your culture; reference / validity checks and Integrity assessments.  Our service includes all of the before mentioned.  Before the group interview, we will have already assessed each candidate with our Step One Survey to assure honesty, integrity, reliability, work ethic and the ability to pass a substance test.  (a Background Check is not included in our service but we do provide them and if requested, can perform them... but will pass along the charge to you)

3.  Group Interview (& Interview Questions)

Also before meeting with each candidate, you will receive a total of 2 Lead “Behavioral” Interview questions specifically geared to each individual.  The questions will help you discover in the group interview whether the candidate Has, Can and Will perform the job requirements, meet the objectives and succeed in the success factors of the position.  (the group interview can be done at your location or a meeting room of your choice... however, the fee to rent a meeting room is not included in our fee)

4.   Individual Interviews

Following the group interview, we suggest you choose to meet with the 3-5 candidates you liked the best from the group.  We will provide you a list of at least 15 Lead Behavioral Based Interview Questions for these interviews.

5.  Assess Your 2 Finalists

Once you narrow it down to your top 2, we will provide you the Profile Job Fit Report for two (or more) finalists for each position.  If none of your finalists "fit" the job, you can have us assess your third, fourth, etc. choices... or have us start the process all over again.  Your choice.

6.   Final Interview

We will not quit until we have searched and found a qualified, quality individual that fits your position and has the potential to become a TOP Performer.  It is always a good idea to have one final interview with your finalist(s) to assure Job Fit by asking the customized interview questions provided in the assessment report.

7.   Assuring Future Success

Following this process and you hire your next TOP Performer, you will be provided the thorough Job Description developed to assure the new hire knows all that is expected of them.  You will also receive the new hire's Profile Assessment Coaching Report full of customized suggestions to continually improve their performance.  And most importantly, you'll receive an Employee Review & Performance Improvement Process Outline and Forms to assure the new hire succeeds in the position now and in the future.


Fee Structure:

1.  Search Fee

This includes the preparation and building the “TOP Performance Blueprint” (ie: Job Description, Employee Review Form, etc.).  This also includes phone screening, reference checking, pre-employment assessments, scheduling the group interview, creating the behavioral interview questions and recommendations on selecting the right person for the job.  The total for Search is only $6,995*. (not including travel and lodging if required)

2. Selection Fee

The total for Selection of a TOP Performer is only $2,995.

3.  Expenses (if any):

Once we gather your group of candidates, you can choose to run the interview yourself (at no cost)... or you can have us come to your location (or a meeting room, hotel, etc.) to lead the group interview for you.  If travel is required, you will be responsible for our airfare and a hotel (nothing fancy) for one night; plus our 1 day fee of $995.


Compensation Schedule:

Upon signing the project and fee agreement contract, the Search fee is due.  The Search check will be cashed (or credit card transaction) immediately to begin the preparation and recruiting process.  We will start that day on customizing your TOP Performance Blueprint (Job Description on steroids).  If things are progressing satisfactory with your new hire, on the 30th day of their employment, we will collect our final payment (the Selection Fee) of $2,995 if the hire is someone we recruited for you.



We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee by not requiring the final payment (selection fee) until 30-days after the new hire is on the job.  We will not cash your postdated check (or run your credit card) if within the first 30-days you decide that the new hire is not going to work out.  If this is the case, we will start the "Search" process over by recruiting, scheduling and running the group interview, assessing, etc. candidates until we find another finalist that fits the job... absolutely free. ​


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