The People Values' TOP Performance Assessment
& Scorecard

This TOP Performance Assessment will help you measure your organization’s current HR Systems to the processes of TOP Performing Organizations.  These 50 Best Practices have been discovered by working with Market Leaders (in 37 different industries) for the past 17 years.

The higher your score, the more ready you are for steady and stable business growth.

A low score doesn’t mean you or your HR Team have done poorly, it just means you were unaware of the practices of TOP Performing Organizations...  So now you'll know what to do in the near future to reach your organization’s potential.

Since your wondering... there is NO expectation or obligation to purchase anything for completing this free assessment.  This is a free service that will include an 8-page Scorecard and prioritized list of 3 Action Steps to improve your HR Systems.

Read each of the 50 statements below.  If your organization successfully performs the TOP Performance Activity, check the box to the left of the activity.


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