The People Values' TOP Performance Assessment
& Scorecard (Extra Credit)

Thank you for completing the TOP Performance Assessment.  We will have your Scorecard created and ready to review in time for our upcoming consultation.  ​

EXTRA CREDIT  -  When we have our consultation, we will be asking you many questions to learn more about your business and to complete the document below.  This helps us both realize the following things:

  • What percent of your employees are TOP Performers (& what percent are holding your business back)

  • How much your "Workplace Survivors" & "Mis-Hires" are costing you

  • What your sales could be with TOP Performing Salespeople in every position

You don't have to complete the form below before our consultation, but it will save us time in our consultation if you do.  And the information provided in your TOP Performance Scorecard we provide you will be far more beneficial.

It only takes a few minutes more to:
Step 1 - Click on the image below and the PDF will open
Step 2 - Type in your answers in the blue shaded areas
Step 3 - Save the file and email it to



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