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Step 1 to Your Most Productive Staff Ever


Written August 12, 2013 


Do you ever wish your employees would just do the job you are paying them to do?

Well, you’re not alone. In the survey at our website, 93% of business leaders say the “wrong” people are holding them back.

So, is this why we hire people – to hold our businesses back?


What Would a More Productive Staff Mean for Your Business?

You have goals for your business that you have not been able to reach. So why is this?

Perhaps it’s because of a lack of sales. Or production errors. Or customer service mistakes. Or management issues.

Well, when you think about it, all of the issues listed above are not the actual issues. They are problems resulting from the people you’ve hired who cannot sell, produce as well as others, exceed customer expectations or effectively management your staff.

When you think about it, almost every issue that you spend your days solving -that take you away from growing your business- are all “People Problems.” And they are all caused by having the wrong people on your team.

So what can you do about it? There really are only two things:

One, replace “mis-hires” with people who can and will do the job.

Two, give a little extra effort in developing underachievers into TOP Performers.

Yes, both will cost you a little time and money. But wouldn’t you rather employ people who will do the job you are paying them to do… rather than hold your business back?

Here is what a team of TOP Performers will do for your business:

  • Finally eliminate the most costly and persistent issues holding your business back

  • Allow your managers time to complete tasks rather than micro-manage

  • Increase customer satisfaction, referrals and your client retention rate

  • Shatter previous sales & profitability records

  • & Leave competitors in your dust (if it’s important to you)

If the “right” people can do all of this for your business… imagine what it will do for your life?

You’d finally have the freedom and wealth that you imagined entrepreneurship would bring.


Is This Year You’ll Finally Start Expecting More Than Mediocrity from Your Staff?

If you answer “yes,” then you must take action today and start implementing systems to hire and develop the right people for every position in your company.

If you don’t, how will 2012 end up any different than 2011 did?

The same ineffective HR Systems and the same unproductive people will surely result in not reaching goals once again.

So what can you do about it…


Here is Step 1 (of 3) to Your Most Productive Staff Ever

I’m willing to bet… if you asked each employee on your team to define the word “productive,” you’d get a different definition from each of them.

The same would be true if you asked them to tell you when an individual in their position is considered “productive.”

So since nobody on your team can come to an agreement on what “productive” really is and how it can be measured, you have to define the word for them.

You do this by setting goals. And more importantly, writing down SMART Goals for not only your business and each department, but every position in your organization.

(SMART = Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timebound)

Until these goals are in writing, your business, departments and employees don’t really have productivity standards or expectations… or know when they have become and are being “productive.”

Performance expectations and goals will do great things for your business. Including:

  • Show your employees exactly what is expected of them

  • Help you accurately measure each employee’s productivity in relation to expectations

  • Improve the motivation and engagement of underachievers (& TOP Performers too)

  • Continually raise the performance of your staff and business


Action Step #1 (of 3)

Define success in every position in your company. As soon as possible, write down five goals an employee must accomplish to become and remain productive.

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