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A TOP Performing Crew Improves Service while Eliminating Stress... & Hair Loss Too:

 “After our sales manager used Job Matching to hire our most successful sales force ever, it was time to do something about our production team. We were struggling with a lack of reliability, teamwork and leadership in our workforce and I was worried if we were going to be able to grow or fulfill the promises our salespeople were making…”

Matt Swanson, Co-Owner,
Guardian Roofing

Assessing Candidates Helps Distinguish Your Company as One With High Standards:


Using the People Values' assessments helps us distinguish our company and show candidates early on we have high expectations. The productive people we've hired with this system actually expressed their appreciation for taking the survey and the company's desire to match not only people...”

Mary Ehlers, VP of Operations & HR,
American Retail Supply

The Best Crew Ever Leads to Award Winning Products
& Rapid Growth:


 "I’m very glad I was referred to People Values a few years back by an SBA Advisor.  I have a pretty damn good crew right now (the best we’ve ever had). We’ve used Job Matching to hire people in all different types of positions, from sales to production to our Tasting Room Server. In every instance…”

Greg Parker, Owner,
Iron Horse Brewery

Job Matching Triples Productivity with 1/2 the Workforce:

 "When I discovered People Values, I found out why my existing employees and sales people weren't as productive as I expected them to be. Since then, we've reduced training time and created a better team atmosphere. People Values has changed the quality of the people I hire…”

Scot Kamimae, Owner,
Matrix Insurance Marketing, Inc.

13 Years of Continual Growth & Hiring Success:

 "We first met Grant 13 years ago when an industry consultant invited him to educate our 20 Group on successful hiring strategies. We were tired of employing people that were holding our business back with their reliability & teamwork issues. As soon as we started using the assessments…”

Adam Beckstedt, General Manager,
14/69 Auto Body

96% Retention Rate of Satisfied Customers Through Exceeding Client's Expectations:


 "Grant has tremendous insight into the entire hiring process and subsequent post-hiring process. Yes, Grant has tremendous tools to help my clients do an exceptional job in hiring. The real important thing to know about People Values is that..."

Kevin Weir, Owner & Business Coach,
ActionCOACH Business Coaching

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