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3 ½ Secrets to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals (article 3 of 4)


Written January 2, 2018 

The 3rd Secret (of 3 ½) to Hire the People You Need to Accomplish Your Business Goals

In the first two articles of this series, you learned:

Secret 1 – Why everything you’ve been doing to hire the right people for your business is still only giving you a less than 50% chance of hiring TOP Performers.

Secret 2 – Without clear written goals and objectives for every position in your company, your employees will fail to accomplish your expectations… because you don’t really have any expectations when they are not specific, measurable or in writing.

If you are struggling to recruit, hire and develop TOP Performers in your business, you should read (or re-read) the articles right now.  (Article 1 or Article 2)

Especially because just by reading the articles, you get two very valuable gifts.  The first was a book on Recruiting and the second was a Worksheet to help you and your managers start creating the written expectations you need for your business.


How Would You Like to Quadruple Your Odds of Hiring the Right People… the 1st Time? 

Imagine how productive your business would be if 85% of your employees were TOP Performers.  I wish it could be 100% of the time, but none of us can control the personal issues or events that some people unexpectedly face.

How much more profitable would your business be if almost every team member showed up to work on-time, everyday committed to do their best and accomplish the objectives of their position?

Business (and your life) would be a lot less stressful.  You’d finally be able to stop micro-managing employees and finally be able to work on accomplishing YOUR goals… whether that’s to develop new products or service, spend more time with your family or personal interests.

Yes, it takes a little work to get there.  Just like you have marketing, sales and production systems in your business, you need “People Systems” too.

At People Values, we call it your “TOP Performance System” comprised of the Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Developing and Retaining processes that when implemented helps your people become more productive than they’ve ever been before; and also helps your business become a Market Leader (whether you’re a big or small business in any industry).

But, as you’ve seen, not every employee is going to help you accomplish your business goals.  As you read in the second article, some employees struggle because you don’t have the required systems in your business, but most struggle because of…


The 5 Reasons Employees Fail to Produce in their Job:

For the past 17-years, we’ve worked with thousands of small business owners to help their good businesses become great.  There is a process we follow with each partner.

First, we define what “great” is… by creating goals and objectives for not only the business, but every department and position.

Second, we “benchmark” current TOP Performers.  I’m not going to go into great depth on this now, but basically what we do is determine what makes productive people in their positions become TOP Performers.  And we’ve been able to do this in over 2,000 positions (virtually every position from entry level to CEO).

Lastly, we develop their current team members to start accomplishing these goals and objectives.  With our processes, many of their employees do improve and become TOP Performers.  Most quickly but some more gradually.  Others when compared to the benchmark, we find need to be moved to different positions in the organization to become TOP Performers.

And then there are those that just need to be replaced because there are 5 areas an employee must fit to become a TOP Performer.  Failing to fit just one of these areas will cause the employee to struggle to be productive.  The more areas they fail to fit, the harder it’s going to be a contributing member of your team.

Here are the areas and 5 reasons you’ll eventually need to replace an employee:

  1. Culture Fit – There are some people that just don’t have the integrity or reliability to succeed in your organization. If their attitudes toward company (or personal) property don’t match your culture… or they don’t respect the importance of attendance policies or deadlines… or can’t stay away from substances that hinder their performance during work hours… They don’t have Culture Fit and will eventually need to be replaced.

  2. Team Fit – Each team has unique characteristics and there are some individuals that just don’t have the qualities required to succeed on the teams in your organization. If they don’t have the ability to be coachable or follow processes… or have too low or even too high sociability that disrupts focus or delays productivity… or simply can’t work or communicate well with others… They don’t have Team Fit and will eventually need to be replaced.

  3. Competency Fit – The positions in your company each require a level of competency to produce and many people just can’t do what is required of them. Even when you hire someone with the basic skills required, if they can’t learn new competencies or process new information… or they have less verbal or numerical ability required to be accurate in their work… They don’t have Competency Fit and will eventually need to be replaced.

  4. Interest Fit – Through benchmarking, we’ve realized that to be successful in a job, it takes a level of interest in performing the main duties of that job. If an employee in a service position is not really interested in helping people or solving problems… or if someone is in administration but doesn’t enjoy keeping complete records… or a person in sales doesn’t like persuading or leading people… you and your managers will spend more time externally motivating the employee to succeed for they don’t have Interest Fit and will eventually need to be replaced.

  5. Behavior Fit – Also through benchmarking, we’re able to “clone” TOP Performing employees by hiring people with the same behaviors. When an employee doesn’t have the correct level of Energy, Assertiveness, Independence, Analytical Skill, Decisiveness or Optimism (or even Pessimism) required in the job, they don’t have the Behavior Fit and will eventually need to be replaced.

(As a side note, “Personality Tests” do not measure these behaviors.  All they do is lump an individual into a category based on their dominant behavior.  This is why they don’t work and were not even created to be used in the hiring process).


How Do You Find Out if a Candidate Fits ALL 5 of These Areas in Your Hiring Process?

If you’re using the typical hiring method of a resume, interview and “gut feel” to make a hiring decision, you can’t know if a candidate fits your Culture or Team before hiring them.  You’ll also never know if they have the Competency, Interest or Behavior Fit to succeed in the job until they’ve been with you for 30 to 90 days.  You will have spent (or wasted) tens of thousands of dollars by that time.

No amount of interviews, no amount of tricky questions and no amount of tests (skill, drug, background, personally, etc.) can predict whether the individual will become and remain a TOP Performer.  That is why even with all you’ve implemented to help you hire TOP Performers, you are still not hiring the people you need to accomplish your goals.


Here’s some good news…  There is a way to assure a Finalist will become a TOP Performer.

It’s Secret #3 and is something called “Job Matching.”  It quadruples your odds of hiring TOP Performers to at least 85%.

And it’s pretty simple too.  Although it takes a short video to describe how to Job Match, all you’re going to do is add one element to your hiring process (that takes you about 30 seconds).


The Gift for Reading this Entire Article…

As promised, I’d give a gift just for reading each article to the end.

The gift this time is to learn exactly how to Benchmark and Job Match TOP Performers.  We explain the process in the video that plays at our website.  And if you feel Job Matching can improve your business, let us know after watching the 10-minute video and we’ll even give you an additional gift of trying it out.

Here is where you can watch the video right now:

Read Article 4 (of 4) in this Series Here!

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  • The main reason you spend the majority of your time micromanaging employees

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