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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Team?


Written February 3, 2020


I’m sure you wrote up some New Year’s Resolutions a month back – right?  No… well, me neither. 

I should but know from experience, whether it’s a resolution for my health, business, to play more golf or anything else, I’d probably break it within a couple weeks.

Written (or just thought about) resolutions or not, I’m sure you have a goal in 2020 to improve the productivity of your business.

Here’s the quickest and easiest way to do this…



Replace Underperformers with TOP Performers ASAP!

Harsh, right?

Well, I’m not saying they need to be fired, but if you’ve already attempted to improve their performance, they do need to be moved to another position in your company that better fits their competency, interests and behaviors.

Every job, in every company requires unique qualities… and the better an employee fits these qualities, the more productive they will be.  And the more productive your company will be.

That is what our Job Matching Process is all about (matching people to jobs… rather than adjusting jobs to match your people).



It’s Time for Your Annual Workforce Analysis:

The most productive companies are known to track and measure the performance of staff in relation to goals more often than their counterparts.

When you perform a study like this on your team, you can discover some very important things.

Here are a few of them:
– What your “Hiring Success Rate” is (or what percentage of your team are TOP Performers)
– How much money you are wasting on the salaries of non-producers
– How much more profitable you could be by hiring more effective salespeople
– & much more.

If you’ve never done this, you probably don’t know where to start.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is… we perform this service for our clients (or anyone else who wants the information above on their workforce).

As a New Year’s Gift, we’ll do it for you today.  Just complete the form below:


Download the Workforce Analysis Form Here!



Only Now Can You Prioritize Your Hiring Needs…

Now that you have completed the form above, you know exactly what positions are most important to focus on to improve your bottom-line.

But don’t overwhelm yourself.  You still have a business to run or a team to manage – so take it one position at a time.

My advice is to start with the position currently having the greatest negative effect on your bottom-line.

Which position is that?  Well, you’ll know by completing the form above (if you haven’t already).



So How Do You Start?

Well, most organizations either have Recruiting Ads already written or whip one together and post it on one of the online webboards.

Others go online and search for a Headhunter or Recruiting Agency to help out.

Whichever of these options you choose, you will find a TOP Performer… 20% of the time.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule.  (I actually was one 26-years back when I used a headhunter to find a job and later became a TOP Performer for the company).

But 80% of the most productive (& profitable) employees come through “Active” Recruiting rather than these “passive” techniques.



So How do You Actively Recruit TOP Performers?

Here are the 3 steps:

  1. Download the 2020 version of my Recruiting Book Here (another New Year’s Gift) with “50 No or Low-Cost Strategies to Recruit Quality, Qualified Candidates.”

  2. Then put together an Ad that actually attracts TOP Performers (and detracts the wrong people from even applying and wasting your time – my book helps with this)

  3. Create a step-by-step process that you’ll follow with every candidate (no matter if they are attracted passively or actively) to effectively screen and assure they fit the unique requirements of the job… before hiring them.

How would you like to Discover a Proven Process GUARANTEED to help you solve the #1 issue in business today... hiring & developing a productive team?

The best part is, to discover this valuable education, you don’t have to travel, attend seminars, outsource, hire an expensive consultant or business coach, invite a slick salesperson to your office, etc.

All you have to do is watch the FREE video to discover:

  • The 3 1/2 HR Best Practices of TOP Performing Small Businesses (that you’re probably not using)

  • Why most of the people you’ve hired in the past fail to produce to your expectations

  • How to have peace-of-mind that your business stays productive even when you’re not there

  • The main reason you spend the majority of your time micromanaging employees

  • How to Quadruple Your Odds of Hiring the Right People... The 1st time… to over 85%

  • Extra Bonus… Just for watching the video, you’ll get 4 gifts valued at $649.47

To watch the educational video, Click Here Right Now!

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