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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Over 50,000 business leaders Job Match to improve the selection, development and retention of TOP Performers. Below is what some of our clients (& partners of Profiles International) say about the benefits of working with People Values, our service, tools & using the assessments we provide by Profiles International.

Note:  Many of our clients have refused to provide comments, not because they aren’t satisfied and more successful using our employee selection and development tools, but because they just don’t want their competitors (like you) knowing what their secret weapon is. Be assured, we’ll offer you the same anonymity in the future when you are Job Matching TOP Performers and leaving your competitors in your dust…

Government & Education
Government & Education (Public / Private) Testimonials:
For Any Serious Business Professional Interested in Growing Their Company

"People Values has really come through for us and our organization. We can rely on them for accurate assessment of potential employees. We have found great worth in their products and excellent customer service too! I’d recommend People Values to any serious business professional interested in growing their company the right way."


Musically Minded

11 Years of Consistently Improving Employee Performance

"We have watched Job Matching in place through the many companies we’ve referred to People Values. There is consistently an improvement in the performance of employees, which is directly reflected in the company’s bottom line. I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to look at this process and learn more about its impacts."


Small Business Development Center

Job Matching is Even Used to Hire Those Who Protect & Serve Us

"We screen applicants and then use the Step One Survey II. We specifically look at integrity, attitudes about substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. Next, we go to the Profile XT, which helps with questions to ask in subsequent interviews. We've used these products for a while and will revisit them in future recruiting."

HR Manager,

Highland Police Force

Job Matching Cuts Turnover by 49% & Saves $248,500 in Hiring Costs

"Over a three and half year period, our company's turnover was reduced by 49 percent, because we used the Step One Survey II. The savings we realized by hiring fewer people saved us almost a quarter of a million dollars... We started using Step One Survey in January 2001. The first year, turnover was high. The second and third years, it dropped substantially. Overall, we hired 33 percent fewer employees. We calculate that turnover costs $7,100 per employee. Since we hired 35 fewer people in 2002 and 2003, we saved $248,500."

HR Manager,

Centro, Inc.

Job Matching Helps Achieve Sales & Revenue Goals

"I use Job Matching to help my clients grow their businesses & achieve their sales & revenue goals... People Values also teaches how to get TOP Performance from people which translates to success for your client’s businesses."

Business Development Specialist,

SBA's Small Business Development Center

Job Matching Brings a Much Higher Level of Evaluation to the Hiring Process

"Grant Robinson and People Values brings a much higher level of evaluation to the hiring process. Grant takes an in-depth interest in helping you develop profiles to screen applicants that consistently get you great people without sacrificing huge amounts of time to the effort. I would strongly recommend Grant Robinson and People Values."

Another Director,

Small Business Development Center

An Hour-Long, On-Line Assessment Saves $45k & 'Clones' TOP Performing Salespeople

"The Profile XT and Profiles Sales Indicator Assessment have enabled our company to benchmark the performance standards in our sales executives so that we can strive to hire the best most productive candidates in the shortest amount of time. It saves us about $45,000 each time we can avoid hiring the wrong person. In addition, the Internet application with onscreen administration, instant analysis and report generation makes administration very easy and efficient."

HR Manager

(anonymous company)

Get a Grip on Employee Turnover.. & Continual Advice on Hiring Strategies

"Profile XT helps us get a grip on employee turnover. The assessment also helps us get people in the right job. Since using Profile XT, we've decreased turnover in certain areas. We have no complaints and found Profiles' training very useful."

HR Manager,

National American University

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