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Client Feedback & Testimonials

Over 50,000 business leaders Job Match to improve the selection, development and retention of TOP Performers. Below is what some of our clients (& partners of Profiles International) say about the benefits of working with People Values, our service, tools & using the assessments we provide by Profiles International.

Note:  Many of our clients have refused to provide comments, not because they aren’t satisfied and more successful using our employee selection and development tools, but because they just don’t want their competitors (like you) knowing what their secret weapon is. Be assured, we’ll offer you the same anonymity in the future when you are Job Matching TOP Performers and leaving your competitors in your dust…

Retail, Wholesale, etc. Testimonials:
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People Values is Better Than Anyone Else Providing These Services... Keith Said It...

"Job Matching has helped us streamline our entire hiring process. It now takes a lot less of my time or my manager's time to attract candidates & hire a productive person...The success of our new hires has me sold on Job Matching. You guys are better than anyone else providing these services."

Previous Owner (sold business & happily retired),

American Retail Supply

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Once a Job Matching Skeptic, Manager Continues to Improve Sales

"We have been using People Values for several years now for our hiring process. I am consistently amazed how on spot the assessments are in predicting an employees' traits – strength, weaknesses, and personality. I was recently reminded of this as I just hired a new sales representative. The pre-employment assessments described him well, I knew exactly what I was getting and with the help of the coaching guidelines provided, I was able to train and coach so that his predisposition is addressed. He is doing very well and I expect him to continue to do so as all of our other hires have been since partnering with People Values."

Sale Manager,

American Retail Supply

After Starting the Wrong Way… People Values Saved Our Start-Up

"When we opened our market, we used the traditional hiring method of resumes & interviews to fill eight stores with people we though would be successful based on their experience. Two months after starting, we were rescued by People Values. Our turnover rate was already over 100%, we were experiencing employee theft & we couldn’t staff our stores. With this system, we recruited a higher caliber of people and Job Matching gives us the peace-of-mind assuring they are honest, dependable and will be productive."

Partner & HR Manager,

Spiked Holdings, MetroPCS Authorized Dealer

No More Gut Instinct Hiring... 'Cloning' Top Performers Leads to Revitalized Business

"My bad hires cost me far more time and money then my poor advertising decisions have. Now that we are using the People Values’ tools and system for job recruitment and hiring, I have eliminated making hiring decisions on ‘gut instincts’ that got me into trouble in the past. I now have objective reports on my candidates to look at and base interview questions on. And it takes less of my time then our past hiring practices. As a University Bookstore we have a natural cycle of team member turnover that requires constant recruitment and training. Thanks to Grant’s Job Matching System, I now know who will be our next reliable and productive team member; and I don’t even have a position for them yet!"


Jerrol's Inc.

Continuing to Expand Though 15-Years of Pre-Screening Candidates

"We have been using the Step One Survey for about a year now as part of our hiring process and we are very happy with the results. It has helped us tremendously in the decision making process which is now less of a guessing game. We have the best employees we have ever had with less turn-over and we would not hire anyone without the Survey. It is an extremely valuable tool that saves us both time and money... I discovered the KEY and we have the best managers and workforce we have ever had resulting in three years of solid sales growth and expansion of the business."


Wild West Trading Company

Adding 1 Simple Step in the Selection Process Leads to a 95% Hiring Success Rate

"Based on another colleague’s recommendation and the information you shared with us we decided to give the Step One Survey a try… We used 350 Step One Surveys in four months to staff about 100 positions in our new store. Out of the 100 people that we hired, approximately 95% turned out to be very good employees. This result exceeded our expectations."

General Manager,

ShopRite, Inc.

Stop Gambling on the Future of Your Business - Start Job Matching Today

"Hiring employees is one of the biggest gambles a company makes. An interview lets you see if you like the person, but is not always effective in assessing their intellect and behavioral patterns. People Values pre-employment surveys have helped us understand the job candidate better. It has helped us make better, more educated choices. An added bonus is Grant's help with questions and other needs. People Value provides outstanding customer service."

Vice President,

Far Fetched Import Furniture

Improved Recruiting Results to Fill Sales Team with TOP Performers
Customize Employee Training & Development with the TOP Performance Center

"Over the years, we’ve invested a lot of time & money on systems to improve the productivity of our people. I invested in the TOP Performance System because we still have room for improvement. The TOP Performance Website helps us create more focused goals for employees. Once these goals are set, the website helps us customize employee training and development to accomplish these specific goals. An added bonus in attending was the innovative recruiting strategies and ideas to write more effective recruiting ads."


Love Zone Retail Stores

Job Matching Helps Assure Your 'Good Feelings' on a Candidate are Reliable

"Historically, we based hiring decisions on intuition. Now, with the Profile XT, we are able to back up our good feelings with strong, reliable data that has led to successful hires. We needed results and Profiles International delivered."

HR Manager,

Save Mart Corp.

Yet Another Job Matching Benefit... Customized Interview Questions for Each Candidate

"We use the Step One Survey to screen people before we hire. The Step One Survey II gives us more interview questions to use."

Sales Manager,

King Wholesale

It's Simple - Job Matching Reduces Turnover & Hires Better People

"We wanted to reduce turnover of our designers. We used Profiles XT and made better hires."

District Manager,

Ethan Allen Inc.

"We were having problems recruiting enough quality candidates to staff our stores.  I worked with Grant on strategies to attract more people to enter our selection process.  With his suggestions, we increased the amount of candidates that showed up for our group interviews giving us more finalists to choose from.  With the People Values’ assessments, we were able to make sure the candidates we were still considering are actually people that will be dependable, have the ability to be trained quickly and sell like our best employees."

General Manager,

Eagle Leather

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